The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 28, 2024


Why We Can’t Live Without Eric Forrester on B&B

Nobody could ever replace the beloved Forrester family head. Forrester family.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 28, 2024
This B&B patriarch is needed.

Over the past few months, viewers on The Bold and the Beautiful have been faced with the possibility of the loss of patriarchal hero Eric Forrester. We were able to see him returning home to his loved ones and the happiness that comes with it. Imagine the scenario if Eric went into the darkness and we were forced to mourn his death? One of the shows most loved characters would be devastating and there’s not person who could fill his shoes.

Welcome Home, Eric Forrester

When Eric (John McCook) returned home to be greeted by Donna (Jennifer Gareis), Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) All seemed to be going well at home in the B&B world. It’s been difficult to watch him in the hospital, particularly during the Christmas season. If Zende (Delon de Metz) came in and excitedly went into the room to offer him a huge bear hug he displayed the unending love for Eric, the way we feel.

Eric’s warm personality and bubbly personality make him a popular and likable character. The patriarch in other shows can be intimidating and powerful but is not one you’d enjoy being around. When Eric was confronted with his death, he wasn’t focused on his empire, or the wealth he’d amassed. He was thinking about making use of his creativity one more time, and all the wonderful people who were in his life. Eric is well-informed enough to know what is important in this world.

Forrester Father and Son

Eric’s health issue has made him more human his child Ridge. Recently Ridge, Ridge, the younger Forrester hasn’t been 100 hundred percent supportive of his father. Ridge became apathetic towards Eric and was ready to pull the younger Forrester away to take over for Forrester Creations. Sure, Ridge let his father win the contest for design however, that was after he believed Eric was about to die.

We are thrilled to learn that this incident has made Ridge recognize the value Eric is to Eric. Hearing Ridge telling his dad that he’s his most trusted friend is a touching moment and one that we would like to witness. But it’s difficult to imagine Ridge eventually taking on that role as the patriarch in the show. Ridge appears to be more self-centered and does not have the warmth and compassion that his father displays. Ridge is wise to learn as much as about his father as long as he’s competent to.

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