The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 29, 2024


How Will Luna Handle Being the B&B Daughter of Bill Spencer?

Bill may get another Father’s Day card this year on B&B.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 29, 2024
Bill Spencer might have a child he doesn’t know about.

Savvy Bold as well as the beautiful viewers can spot an intriguing backstory every time they hear. Bill and Poppy had a date at a festival for music many years ago, making Bill a possible potential father of Luna Poppy’s daughter. Luna is currently contemplating whether Bill might be her father and has even been asking her mom straight up.

All My Children

It’s certainly not in sync to Bill (Don Diamont) having one child that he has no idea about. His children Liam (Scott Clifton) and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) surprised him to Bill. He isn’t one to stay for long enough to determine what women the women he’s in contact with have children. Why should Luna (Lisa Yamada) be the same? To be fair towards Bill, Poppy (Romy Park) may not have tried to reveal to the publishing magnate that he was about to become a father. What is the best way to Luna react when she discovers she’s Spencer? Spencer?

Rebellious Phase

It’s possible Luna is going to explode and come out against the entire world once she realizes what’s going on. Why would she decide to do this? It’s not as if Luna is constantly begging mom to divulge her father’s identity. She’s moved on and seems to be content. Luna may experience a range of reactions, but we don’t think anger is one of them.

A Daughter’s Anger

We can expect to observe Luna be negative towards the other person once she realizes the truth about that person is Bill Of course. Luna will eventually discover that this is the pattern Bill has in regard to paternity. Bill isn’t really on the radar very often. Luna is going to have negative words to say about Bill regardless of whether he knew the truth about her or not.

Happy Days

Of course, it would be should Luna was clever — and she is, she’d be ecstatic to find out that she’s a Spencer. This will provide the fashion enthusiast an immediate connection to Spencer Publications, which puts out Eye on Fashion, the most popular magazine in the industry. Luna is able to contact Bill as businessman. She’ll draft a plan for a business idea that she could ask for funding from her dad. This way, everyone’s content!

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