The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 30, 2024


Bill Spencer Will React This Way If He’s Luna’s B&B Father

Poppy may be hiding it, but she would not be the first one to cover up her own identity to protect herself.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 30, 2024
Poppy’s news might make Bill a dad…again.

We’re guessing Bill Spencer is getting off-camera Father’s Day gifts from his son Will on Bold and the Beautiful. The other two sons he hasLiam and Wyatt Liam and Wyatt did not know about their dad until they reached the age of young men. What would Bill be feeling if he gets a chance to be an unexpected pop-up by means from his night spent with Poppy that was so long ago?

Poppy’s Precarious Predicament

There’s speculation around the idea that Bill might be Luna’s father as he and her mom Poppy (Romy Park) were at a music festival in the year that corresponds to Luna’s conception. Bill is known for discovering his children’s names later on in their lives. He’s never going to be able to see Wyatt’s mom Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Liam’s mother has died. Bill may not be thrilled with Poppy when he discovers that he has a daughter for all those years and has not heard about.

Father’s Daze

It’s also possible that Bill may forgive Poppy for not chasing him down, but he’ll stop pursuing her. What did she go about getting to Bill? How could she get into the lobby at Spencer Publications? It’s not like social networking was even in existence a few years ago when Luna came into the world. Poppy could be unable communicate with Bill’s handlers to inform him that they were going to be a father.

Bill Spencer: Mad As Heck

Oh, please. In the event that Poppy would really want to reach out to Bill she’d have come up with a method particularly in the case of being pregnant with his child. Bill will not accept any excuse Poppy can come up with as he’ll be angry that she didn’t let him know that she was expecting. He’s been missing out on a number of “daughter/daddy” dances.

Passion’s In Fashion

Bill certainly is interested in Poppy. If he learns they have a child together it will bring the two together. They could get married and show Luna their affection as a couple which they’ve never been able to do before. In addition, Bill and Poppy getting married will create Poppy credible to her sister Li who’s been incredibly dissatisfied with the decisions her sister makes in life.


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