The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 9, 2024


Do you think Thomas Forrester Deserve to Pay for Emma’s Demise?

Thomas Forrester could end up living in a different sort of “big home.

We weren’t certain that The Bold and the Beautiful would ever return to the relationship Thomas Forrester had (or didn’t have?) when Emma Barber died in the past few years. The news is that the show is set to bring light to this largely unremembered with the tragic death of Emma Barber. The story could unfold in various ways, such as exoneration or incarceration.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 9, 2024
Thomas Forrester and his past are about to collide.

Thomas Forrester Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do

First, Thomas is not affected. Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). Did his actions result in Emma’s death? It certainly appeared like that in the eyes of Xander (Adain Bradley) as well as many others. It’s possible she’d lost control of her vehicle and crashed in the end. Maybe she wouldn’t been racing if she wasn’t trying to escape Thomas initially in the first situation. Whatever the case, Thomas could walk away like a bird once all is done and dusted.

Scales of Justice

Soaps, when they are at their best are morality-based games. When people commit a crime, they get punished one in a different way. The justice scales aren’t equal until Thomas is paid. Of course, this is a scripted drama, so there are more ways to ensure Thomas pay other than to put him in a jumpsuit with orange stripes. Thomas may lose Hope (Annika Norelle) If she believes that she is the one the one responsible to Emma’s (Nia Sioux) death. For Thomas it’s far worse than jail.

Drivers Education

Sure, it’s painful to Thomas losing Hope however if he’s really responsible for the death of Emma (and for some, there’s no doubt that he’s) it’s possible that he’s losing the chance to win more the girl of his fantasies. If B&B continues to go down the road (pun intended) we speculated about. Thomas might be sent into jail because of his involvement in the death of Emma. Emma was killed. What’s the reason he’s going about the streets when she’s 6 feet below?

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