The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary March 3, 2024


A Critic’s Review of The Bold and the Beautiful: Bloody Hands and a Complicated Death

The writer’s views regarding B&B are hers only hers. It’s important to remember that everything’s driven by emotion, whether it’s right or completely off.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary March 3, 2024
Steffy, Finn, Sheila

Everyone who loves The Bold and the Beautiful has their own opinions -and we here at SoapsSpoiler.Com do, too. Over the course of five days, we watched the entire show good, bad and everything in between. We’re always optimistic However, it’s true that we’re not always able to have what we want. Here’s a recap of the past week at B&B that was this week. Steffy was stabbed Sheila, Sheila was pronounced “dead”, and Finn was so angry that he put his hands in his mother’s blood and stared at the blood. Yikes.

What I’m Feeling This Week: Steffy Kills Sheila and Finn…Reacts

In the first part of the week Finn (Tanner Novlan) was worried at the thought that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) had poked at the bear, also known as Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). It was a legitimate worry. The woman in full Sheila mode is terrifying. The camera cuts to Sheila standing outside Steffy along with Finn’s Cliff home and she was wearing all black and walked in the middle of the palm trees. She clearly, she was stalking her foe, wife of the son, who was just getting physical with her in her Il Giardino apartment she shared with Deacon (Sean Kanan).

The thief took advantage of the windy conditions and the outage of electricity (which could have been caused by her) and entered the home. Then, she slapped Steffy and left her with no option but to grab an axe and make a skewer of her. Ding Dong, the wicked witch has died, isn’t she? It’s hard to say as of now, because it’s Sheila. Is there a record of how many times she “died”? There are certainly theories on how to one day revive the woman she once loved (including the one below).

Steffy performed a great job moving over the couch to face the task of facing Sheila. However, when the task was completed and Finn arrived home, things went from creepy to insane (and a little cringy). I was awed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s reactions to Finn’s death when Steffy watched Finn react to Finn’s bio mom’s demise. I believe she was like everyone else, really.

In the beginning, I’d like to affirm that everyone reacts differently the grief and trauma. But Finn’s response was an entirely new level of weird. It was clear that Steffy believed that her husband would be the dependable secure Finn that he is always. He went beyond the call of duty for the sake of saving Eric Forrester’s (John McCook) life. She instead, saw Finn fall apart a bit. He was a bit saddened by the death of this woman. This woman, oh yeah was the mother of him. However, as Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) mentioned, she tried to end his life also.

Before that, Finn showed flashes of compassion and a desire for connections with Sheila. However, he was always there for his wife and children. He’s aware of the harm she’s done to her family, particularly the things her actions were to his son and Steffy. They were shot! She abducted him and hid him from his daily life. He can’t imagine he’ll never meet her again. He barely even saw her at all!

Ridge and Thomas attempted to convince him to see what was going on. Steffy had been in a vulnerable position due to the fact that she had murdered someone and required her husband. The trauma she experienced was real. In all honesty, I’m happy Ridge as well as Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) were there to take care for Steffy. Finn could not do the job. However, I’m going have to Ridge to comprehend Finn’s shock. I wasn’t impressed with his insensitive tone when he explained to Finn precisely what ought to do and feel at the moment.

Finn did say a few of the appropriate things to Steffy However, overall, the messages didn’t go over very well. They were diluted by his assertion that his wife murdered his mother. The dialogue was odd and the same was the fact that Finn places his hand into Sheila’s blood. But then, he wasn’t able to hang waiting for the police return? I can see that he wanted breath, yet he walked off the immediately as fast as was possible, and walked to Il Giardino where he looked at a picture framed as it was if he had a true relation with Sheila. I want him to remember Li (Naomi Matsuda) as the mother who nurtured the actor. Oh, and, of course, Hope (Annika Noelle) also reassured him.

I’m genuinely curious about what direction this will all turn out to take me and what this will mean for the marriage of Finn and Steffy. Trauma and behavior like this can alter the dynamics of a relationship and not in a positive way. I’m hoping that I’m not wrong as I would like Finn as well as Steffy to remain strong.

Other B&B Thoughts

I’m awestruck that Liam (Scott Clifton) did not show up at Steffy’s place before Finn.

In his exchange with Liam Liam, the delusional Deacon (Sean Kanan) stated that Sheila was focused on improving herself. What could he possibly say?

Hope wasn’t the sole person to stand up for Finn. I’m glad that someone stood by his side. The Forresters are able to close in and unite around their own, leaving the rest to look the other way.

Liam seems to make a good tipper. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

I loved Thomas being calm and cool as his father yelled at Finn. Thomas could have been a tad smug however he chose not to. He also talked to Hope as well as Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) also.

Ridge was a frequent visitor between Malibu and Ridge. Malibu. Is it a long-distance Forrester Creations from Malibu? Because he went there quickly and got back. Too quickly. From Beverly Hills, it’s a journey.

It was mostly easy to understand Finn’s point of view. Then Finn realized that he might never be able to see Sheila again. That’s not easy to swallow, Finn.

Last but not least, I’m going to make my usual appeal to the show’s producers to make use of Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) as more than the lawyer in charge of the presentation.


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