The Bold and the Beautiful News December 26, 2023


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Dance Telephone: A Symphony of Moves Led by John McCook”

Prepare to be enchanted as the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful takes the plunge into the world of dance with the charismatic guidance of John McCook. In a spirited rendition of Dance Telephone, this ensemble of talented actors transcends the screen, showcasing their off-screen dynamism and infectious energy.

The Bold and the Beautiful News December 26, 2023
The B&B cast feels the holiday spirit.

John McCook, the patriarch of the show, kickstarts this dance spectacle with a display of his groovy side that is nothing short of captivating. Despite the challenges faced by his on-screen character, Eric, McCook radiates vitality and joy, setting the tone for a mesmerizing dance relay. Passing the baton to Katherine Kelly Lang, the original cast member and beloved Brooke, the dance journey unfolds with an exhilarating blend of confusion and enthusiasm.

Lang, initially appearing uncertain about the dance style, quickly finds her rhythm, treating viewers to a delightful series of Saturday Night Fever-inspired moves. The torch then passes seamlessly to Tanner Novlan, who infuses a playful spirit into the dance, defying the gravity of his on-screen character, Finn. The dance relay continues with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, known for her musical talents as well as her role as Steffy, who grooves to the rhythm before passing the spotlight to Matthew Atkinson (Thomas).

Atkinson brings a wild and entirely unexpected style to the dance floor, leaving audiences in awe of his creativity. As Lawrence Saint-Victor gracefully takes his turn, the dance relay takes an uproarious turn with Joshua Hoffman (RJ) breaking into infectious laughter. Hoffman’s camera mishap adds a delightful and unexpected twist to the dance telephone, infusing the spectacle with an element of humor.

This holiday edition of Dance Telephone not only celebrates the diverse talents of The Bold and the Beautiful cast but also offers viewers a glimpse into the camaraderie and joy that define their off-screen relationships. The symphony of moves orchestrated by John McCook and carried forward by the entire cast creates a memorable and entertaining spectacle that is sure to resonate with fans and dance enthusiasts alike.


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