The Bold and the Beautiful News February 19, 2024


This B&B Secret Will Turn Lives Upside Down

So many secrets are held in Los Angeles.

We don’t know what it is about kids on The Bold and the Beautiful, but secrets always seem to surround them — whether they are newborns or newly discovered as adults. Right now, a few secrets are floating about that could really upend some young lives. Which is the biggest?

The Bold and the Beautiful News February 19, 2024
There are so many secrets out there.

Baby Secrets

Can you imagine being the son of Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) with the way that man has spread himself around? Poor Will has no idea how dear old Dad treated his beloved mother, Katie (Heather Tom), back when he was first born. Katie was having a rough time — dealing with so much and the fact that her husband was chasing her sister Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and she was letting him catch her! So not fair. So, if and when (we certainly hope it’s when) Will learns this, will he be able to look at either of them the same? We think not. (OK, we HOPE not.)

Father Knows Best

But seriously, does that even remotely hold a candle to what’s in store for young Kelly? Will she one day learn that Grandpa Bill was in the DNA race to possibly be her father…and not her grandfather? That’s right, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) slept with Bill and Liam (Scott Clifton). It took a test (and we’re still not sure that Bill didn’t rig it to reunite his son with Steffy) to prove who was the biological father. Will she be able to look at her mother the same way after learning that tidbit?

Death Becomes Her

Then again, there’s dear little baby Beth. Well, she’s not a baby anymore. How will she react when she one day learns her own origin story? She was snatched out of her mommy’s arms by that bad man Dr. Buckingham (Wayne Brady), adopted by Steffy, named after the late Phoebe, and her parents were told she had died. If it wasn’t for Douglas (Henry Joseph Samari) finding the courage to go against his father Terrible Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) to blurt out to Liam, “Baby Beth is alive,” she may still be living with Steffy and her family.

Family Explosion

The winner, though, has to be Luna (Lisa Yamada), who is already at an age for maximum impact — plus she’s searching for answers. The secret she needs to grapple with is the identity of her biological father, and it’s poised to rip apart her already fractured family. Poppy (Romy Park), if she’s to be believed — and in this case, we think she is — Bill is not in the running. But that leaves two others, and both are poised to destroy the sister relationship between Poppy and Li (Naomi Matsuda) even more than it already is. Is the father Li’s ex-husband Jack (Ted King) or her son, Finn (Tanner Novlan)? Either one will rock their world.


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