The Bold and the Beautiful News February 21, 2024


Amanda Kloots, The Talk’s Amanda Kloots is going to B&B – and she’s not alone.

Kelly Spencer could be on a date with a newcomer to B&B.

Amanda Kloots will be joining Bold and the Beautiful today — and she is not alone. The Talk’s co-host announced on a recent show that she and her son Elvis will be appearing in the show. It’s possible that we won’t see Elvis again on TV.

The Bold and the Beautiful News February 21, 2024
Amanda Kloots and her son Elvis.

Amanda Kloots – Runs in the Family

“Elvis and I got to spend the whole day on The Bold and the Beautiful’s set and, I’ll be honest [honestly], he was an absolute natural,” Kloots said of her son who acted alongside her in the half-hour drama. She half-jokes that she is scared that her son may choose a career with ups and downsides.

Kloots adds: “We had a great time.” She noted that it was comforting to see so many familiar faces on the B&B sets. We’ve had many of the B&B stars on our show…it felt good to be back on their turf, and to act again.

The camera then cuts to photos of Elvis in the studio, where the boy seems right at home. Akbar Gbajabiamila who appeared as Forrester Creations’ marketing executive Max on B&B says, “He’s got that ‘actor look’, and isn’t it? He’s taking notes.” “He is really taking notes, Isn’t He?

Jerry O’Connell, a co-host on Standby Me and a former child star himself, advised his colleague in joking fashion to ensure that she receives some of the “child star’s” money if Elvis gets more roles. Natalie Morales, co-host (ex-Talia from Young and the Restless), suggested that the money be saved for college.

The proud mother adds, “[Elvis] does different things [on] each take.” “He’s doing improv.” Kloots, an actress who has appeared on Broadway in Follies as well as Bullets Over Broadway says: “He’s so good!” Kloots also said that she was learning from Elvis. Kloots: “As long he is enjoying himself.”

If you look at the photos from The Talk, you’ll see that Scott Clifton, who plays Liam, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who plays Steffy, and their daughter Sophia Paras McKinlay (who portrays Kelly) are all there.


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