The Bold and the Beautiful News February 6, 2024


Eric Wants to Make His B&B Home Like Heaven

Will Eric make you feel awestruck within Los Angeles?

In the Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Eric suddenly became wistful but also serious as he talked to Ridge about his journey across the abyssexperiencing loved ones from the other side, and how it impacted him deeply. Ridge was captivated as he listened. However, Eric had something more to share with him.

The Bold and the Beautiful News February 6, 2024
Eric got serious with Ridge.

A Little Bit of Heaven

Eric (John McCook) went to another side while the actor was believed to be suffering from a stroke in a hospital. While he was out of this body, Eric met Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and others that he was a fan of there. He was overwhelmed by the sensation of love and pure affection during his time there and this made him think.

He explained to Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) that he would like to bring that sense of peace and love to the world. He plans to keep doing this throughout his life and dedicate himself to making the people living in the world feel valued and be able to feel that peace in their souls.

What does this mean? What will Eric feel this amazing feeling every time someone else appears to make him uncomfortable? Should we believe that Eric to feel only feelings of love for the next time he heads to Il Giardino and gets seated by the hostess Sheila (Kimberlin Brown)? If he spots her squaring on with Li (Naomi Matsuda) Will, he attempt to be a peacemaker?

What do you think about RJ (Joshua Hoffman) and Zende (Delon de Metz) disputing over who has an opportunity to design at Forrester Creations — or do they have Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) heart? Do you think Eric remain in a neutral, heart-centered manner when his grandsons fight each other in front him? We applaud Eric’s desire. We’re not holding out any hopes of his new outlook lasting long. However, it’s fun to see him experiment.


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