The Bold and the Beautiful News February 9, 2024


What went wrong With Eric in B&B? John McCook & Jennifer Gareis Share Theories

The newlyweds who are happy nearly didn’t get to enjoy an intimate life in a B&B.

John McCook turned in one showstopper after the other as Eric’s illness began to manifest the year before in The Bold and the Beautiful. With Donna playing by Jennifer Gareis, by his on his side, the episode made viewers wonder whether Eric would be able to make it or not. What was it that was bothering him?

The Bold and the Beautiful News February 9, 2024
John McCook and Jennifer Gareis.

John McCook: Theories Abound

B&B didn’t give the specific name Eric’s health issue, only the fact that his condition was potentially life-threatening. SoapsSpoiler.Com had one theory (after hearing Donna tell Eric that she could whip his stomach with by making him a smoothie…hmm) it was that Donna’s blonde beauties were poisoning their honey bear. (Boy was we wrong!). Do McCook and Gareis come up with any thoughts about what was wrong with the patriarch?

Blame The Newcomer

“I was thinking for a while it was possible that Luna Lisa Yamada may have poisoned [Eric],” Gareis shares. “We did not know the exact nature of the secret of her was. I believed she might be. But she was hiding a hidden.

“It did not occur to me that something was happening in the “smoothie” or that Luna was bringing something bad to the home,” McCook says. “I was playing with that Eric wanted to capture all his ideas down onto paper. The energy and focus…Eric was determined to be imaginative and had these three people, particularly Donna right beside him was crucial. RJ and Luna also.”

Eric and Donna: It’s a Love Story

Another theory is that the corrosion from Eric’s trusted (yet possibly old) stapler was causing an infection to his. “That’s very funny!” Gareis chuckles. What McCook was sure of was the amount of admiration he received from his fans. It appeared to be the end of Eric’s career. However, that was not the situation. The patriarch of the family is staying around with his newlywed wife.

McCook states that it doesn’t matter to McCook how he was feeling about Eric but more about who was there by his side and helping him through the harrowing experience. “This was [Eric’s and Donna’slove story,” McCook smiles. “That’s what I was doing.”


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