The Bold and the Beautiful News January 4, 2024


Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s Bold 2024 Prediction: A Triumph for B&B Patriarch

As the curtains rise in 2024, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, the luminary behind Steffy Forrester Finnegan in The Bold and the Beautiful, not only boasts an impressive tally of three Daytime Emmys but also shares her compelling vision for the soap operas future. Last month SoapsSpoiler.Com caught up with the talented actress backstage, where she unveiled her insights into Steffy’s trajectory and made a riveting prediction about her on-screen grandfather.

The Bold and the Beautiful News January 4, 2024
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood.

Wood’s portrayal of Steffy has seen the character weather the storms of mortality, addiction, and clashes with formidable adversaries like Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Reflecting on Steffy’s journey, Wood expresses her gratitude to Brad Bell, the executive producer/head writer, for the unpredictable and exciting twists in the character’s narrative. “I never know what Steffy’s up to next. I turn the page, and I’m always excited to see [what’s in store],” shares the actress.

Amidst the on-screen drama, Wood paints a vivid picture of the harmonious energy on the show’s set. She yearns for fans to experience the wonderful ambiance, emphasizing her enduring gratitude for being part of the production for 15 years.

Acknowledging Steffy’s gratitude toward her on-screen husband Finn (Tanner Novlan) for supporting her grandfather Eric (John McCook), Wood hints at uncertainty regarding the couple’s future. The duo has recently navigated turbulent waters, addressing Xander’s (Adain Bradley) claims about Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and his alleged responsibility for Emma’s (Nia Sioux) demise.

However, Wood confidently forecasts a significant triumph for her on-screen grandfather, John McCook, in the upcoming year. Enthusiastically, she commends McCook’s portrayal of Eric’s recent storyline, where mortality takes center stage, and the patriarch valiantly fights not only for his life but also for his family.

In Wood’s eyes, McCook’s performance transcends the ordinary, marked by authentic tears and a genuine presence in the scenes. “John McCook has been wonderful in these scenes,” she praises. “No fake tears—they’re [all] real tears. He’s just existing in those scenes, and we’re all present with him. I hope there’s an Emmy for him next year. It’s been such a wonderful story.”

Get ready for a thrilling ride in 2024 as Wood anticipates a well-deserved accolade for the venerable John McCook, adding another layer of excitement to the captivating world of The Bold and the Beautiful.


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