The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps January 17, 2024


Wyatt Drops ‘Moving Away’ Bomb on Dollar Bill

I guess it’s a matter of goodbye and hello as far as Wyatt Spencer is concerned.

Then, in The Bold and the Beautiful recap of Tuesday 16th January 2024 Wyatt stated to Bill he’s considering moving out of Los Angeles.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps January 17, 2024
Wyatt Spencer had a big shock for Bill.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

Additionally, Bill explained his whole “meet cute” with Poppy to Wyatt. Finn and Steffy had a great time exchanging gushy comments about their respective personalities. RJ watched Eric discuss the possibility of returning home. Then Finn offered Eric an exciting update. We’ll now dive to this show.

Release Relief

In Finn’s office, the great doctor and Steffy were giddy about the other. The conversation was sweet and romantic without the negative conversation that had been going on for the past couple of days. Steffy was reflecting on the gift that he gave her family members -and he helped save Eric. In actual fact, Finn (Tanner Novlan) got good news in this aspect: Eric (John McCook) could be home in the early hours of tomorrow.

While Eric was in his medical room RJ (Joshua Hoffman) and Luna (Lisa Yamada) were in the room with Eric who was expressing his desire to return home and be at his home, in which he could spend time in the company of Donna (Jennifer Gareis) once more. RJ declared Eric a medical marvel, and the man himself made jokes about not wanting to see Finn in the medical field again.

As Finn and Steffy arrived in Eric’s room, Finn immediately dropped the amazing news to Eric’s bedside. If everything goes according to plan, Eric could possibly go home today. It was a great day for Eric.

Eric claimed to Finn that he had saved his life, and he was a hero, but Steffy responded that it was all his fault. Eric fought for his life. Finn did not overstate Eric’s recovery from now on. However, Eric admitted that he was confident that he could make it. His entire family is cheering his way. Now he’s set to get the sun in his eyes and the wind rushing upwards from the ocean.

Sister, Sister

In Forrester Creations, Poppy (Romy Park) visited to meet her daughter, but she wasn’t there. Then Bill (Don Diamont) called, and the two agreed to meet again at, presumably, the one restaurant in town, which was Deacon’s (Sean Kanan) Il Giardino. When the phone call had ended, Poppy immediately had to confront Li (Naomi Matsuda).

It was no surprise that Li ran all over Poppy to Luna taking a liking to RJ immediately after she started working at Forrester. It was a matter that was “like mother, like daughter.” Then she mentioned Poppy’s phone call. Li realized it was another wealthy and lonely suitor for Poppy to entice.

Poppy did not like Li’s judgemental approach to her. She wasn’t happy being described as”gold digger. Li brutally stated that she would not be content until both were gone. Luna should not have anything to have to do with Steffy’s brother. Also, Poppy was supposed to leave this world, too.

Then, as Luna and Poppy were talking the mom informed her daughter’s recent fight with Li. She shared how her sister referred to her as a “gold digger. Luna couldn’t believe it and Poppy to her credit stated that she has previously dated wealthy men. But it wasn’t about pursuing. She followed her heart wherever it led her.

The two finished their discussion with laughter over Li’s revelation about the interest of Bill Spencer in Poppy. The reaction of her sister wouldn’t be a good one. Luna told her mother she enjoyed Bill having him in the room.

Father and Son Quality Time

Wyatt (Darin Brooks) appeared at the beach house of Bill who wanted to talk with his father about a new direction. Perhaps, he’d like to leave Los Angeles and get a new beginning. There was even a tenant who was able to move into the house when he was removed from the beach house.

After that, the conversation turned towards all things Bill as well as Poppy. Bill spoke about his experience meet Poppy earlier in the day at the festival. From the beginning, Wyatt noticed she made quite an impression on him. Bill was convinced that they had were able to create magic.

Additionally, Wyatt theorized how Poppy’s presence could be what his dad required after trying every trick to bring Katie back, but nothing worked.

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