The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps January 23, 2024


Thomas feels worthy of Hope’s love

Hope Logan tells Thomas that she needs more time to process.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps January 23, 2024
Hope Logan and Thomas reflect on their relationship.

Thomas and Hope avoided the subject of Emma Barber’s death by focusing on their relationship in the Bold and the Beautiful episode recap of Tuesday, January 23, 2019.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

Bill and Poppy also got sneaky in order to avoid an awkward situation. RJ and Luna felt mortified to discover that they were not alone in the beach house. Let’s dig into the details of what happened.

Hope’s Cabin

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), when visiting Hope in her cabin, made an awkward start. He wanted to ensure that she was okay following their intense discussion.

They talked instead about Eric’s (John McCook’s) recovery. This was a topic that they both felt comfortable discussing. Hope did not want to discuss their recent discussion of Emma Barber (Nia Sioux’s) death. Thomas wanted to move on and learn from the whole thing.

Hope was shocked by what Thomas told her and was still processing it. She also had painful memories of that time including the fact that she didn’t have her daughter. She knew it was part of her history, so she accepted it. But she did not want her past to rule her. She wanted to be a good mom to Beth, Douglas, and to achieve happiness for her and all of her family.

She wanted to give him more time. She didn’t, however, want him to believe that she has stopped caring about him. Hope told Thomas that she had told her mother to stop arguing with them. Thomas was ecstatic.

Thomas and Hope Reflections

Hope and Thomas reflected on the trip to Italy that forever changed their relationship. Thomas could not help but bring up the necklace and his hopes for their future. He thought he had done all he could to earn Hope’s love and respect.

He was once again all about showing her his love. Hope has not responded to his words about love, hope and the future.

Bill’s Beach House

Poppy (Romy Park) was frightened by her daughter’s presence in the other bedroom at the beach house. Luna (Lisa Yamada), on the other hand, could hear noises coming from the bedroom. RJ (Joshua Hoffman), tried to assure her they were in complete privacy.

Poppy and Bill hurriedly dressed themselves (on Poppy’s orders), continued flirting, and prepared to sneak out of their beach house. RJ and Luna sat on the couch in the living room. Luna was able to see her mother lurking in the backyard, but it’s a shame that her radar wasn’t on point.

Poppy and Bill appeared through the front entrance. Bill said he was showing Poppy around the property before Wyatt leased out the land. Bill warned RJ to be nice to Luna, because she is special. RJ and Luna decided to leave, but not before Luna had told her mother they would speak later.


Poppy was worried when RJ and Luna left, telling her that she should be a better role model for her daughter. She hoped Luna didn’t know she and Bill had been in the bedroom. She’s not concerned that Luna will be judgmental, especially since she likes Bill. He was excited to see more of Luna, since she will be spending more time in the beach house.

RJ and Luna recounted the embarrassing situation at Forrester. The two also discussed how embarrassed they were when Luna’s mother showed up as they kissed. RJ was certain that Poppy and Bill hadn’t seen anything. They joked that they were always interrupted but, right then, they kissed. They finally kissed each other without interruption.

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