The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps January 25, 2024


Has RJ Helped Luna Uncover Her True Paternity?

The maths was proving itself when it came to the name of Luna Nozawa’s father.

Then, in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday on January 25, 2024. RJ assisted Luna connect the dots to the bio-dad’s identity.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps January 25, 2024
RJ Forrester helps Luna connect the dots.


Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

Additionally, Liam talked to Bill about reuniting with Poppy. Li and Poppy were at war again and Bill demanded Poppy to go out for a second date. Let’s now get into the specifics of what transpired.

Rom-Coms and Fate

Another time, Liam (Scott Clifton) and Bill (Don Diamont) were having a guy-talk. Liam asked his father if he ever going to see Poppy. Since his dad was smiling like a dope each time, he mentioned her. Bill assured him that he’ll be meeting Poppy (Romy Park who recently spoke about Li’s and Poppy’s relationship). Liam was unable to help but observe the waybill was and Poppy reconnecting after 20 years was not simply fate…it was a scene from an rom-com and his dad was deserving of his own romantic rom-com.

Bill was aware that he wanted to continue to get to get to know Poppy and as a result of that, he wanted acquainted with Luna (Lisa Yamada) who was determined and gifted. However, he did not know anything about Luna’s father. Bill said he didn’t know anything about Luna in any way.

Twisted Sister Interactions

The sisters’ argument continued to echo through to the Forrester halls. Li (Naomi Matsuda) stated that Poppy was required to apologize for her sinful behaviour. Li insisted that Poppy never to see Bill ever again. But she knew that Bill had one thing that Poppy loved most the most: money.

Li even stated that Bill was not allowed to talk to him and that nothing positive could be gained from this friendship. It didn’t matter that they first knew each other for a while long time ago. To Poppy’s part Poppy believed that her sibling would not be so critical of her. This wasn’t the first instance since Li was always harsh to her, even before they were children. Li insists that it wasn’t about her anger at her sister. It was about wanting only the highest for her. But, at this point Poppy was a mere gold miner and she wanted to be free of Finn (Tanner Novlan), Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hayes’s (Alexander and Chase Banks) lives. Poppy advised Li to just get out!

Connecting the Dots

RJ (Joshua Hoffman) and Luna discussed the bullying of Li, and Poppy returning to Bill in the past 20 years. At some point, RJ got this perplexing expression in his eyes. He attempted to calculate the equation and came to an answer. Should Bill and Poppy connected earlier in their lives there could be something more significant happening in this case.

Then Luna had the same perplexing expression at her. While she was content being without a dad figure, she wanted him to help her mother. If the two of them shared a special night, 20 years ago when they were teenagers, RJ said that Bill could be Luna’s father!

Follow-Up Phone Call

Then, Bill called Poppy, who was dining in an eatery. He informed her that he was hoping to meet her once more. In return, she informed him of her sister who said she was a gold miner.

Bill thought that the title was humorous considering that it was he who was doing the pursuit. The reason he was so pleased was because the two of them had been offered an amazing chance. He was keen to be able to stay longer with his girlfriend and he was keen to spend time with Luna. Additionally, the fact that he was hoping for Poppy to get acquainted with Liam.

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