The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps January 8, 2024


Zende Calls RJ An Entitled Golden Child

RJ Forrester wasn’t taking the Zende’s opinion of his.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Monday 8th January 2024, included an intense debate and discussion among Zende RJ and Zende. RJ.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps January 8, 2024
RJ and Zende did another B&B battle.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

Furthermore, Thomas and Finn’s conversation was a war of words with there was no concern or compassion. Then, Thomas begged Steffy to assist him with Finn. Poppy helped Luna for her trip to see Bill. Luna was given a note which led her to her own special date. And Xander also shared stories about Thomas’s life. Let’s now dig a bit more deeply into what transpired.

Hospital Confrontation Continues

From the beginning, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) performed the Finn (Tanner Novlan) impression of the character put Thomas in the spotlight. It’s not surprising that Finn isn’t convinced that Hope should be trusting Thomas in any way. Thomas insists that he’s changed. The fact that Thomas along with Hope (Annika Noelle) are a couple, and she is his future. It’s clear that Finn did not see the relationship.

In the end, Thomas doesn’t want Finn to view him as a threat, and Thomas didn’t want Finn to think that Hope was an unlucky damsel. Keep in mind your Thomas is the father of Finn’s son. They’re family. Don’t allow Xander (Adain Bradley) stand in their way and don’t try to create an ax between Hope and the actor. Finn did not change his conviction that Thomas was unfit to be with Hope.

Mysterious Dates and Strange Debates

Luna (Lisa Yamada) “lured” Poppy (Romy Park) to Forrester to discover her mom’s romantic date to Bill (Don Diamont). Poppy told her that her reconnection with Bill was successful. Later, Luna received a mysterious note that said they’d be meeting for dinner at the salon within an hour. It was Luna’s particular RJ who invited her. In all likelihood, he is attentive to every single detail, and offers her everything. Poppy observed that she sounded just like someone who was in love.

In the meantime, RJ (Joshua Hoffman) was invited by Zende (Delon de Metz) to collaborate on his design alongside Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). In the heated discussion, Zende called RJ a draftsman, whereas he was an artist. Zende also felt Ridge did not need someone to draw for his needs. He was enthralled the fact that RJ was keen to be part of the business however, but was he the one to lead the project? Nope.

Zende isn’t sure the reason RJ is given more opportunities to be around here than anyone else. Because it’s one of the Golden Child — Ridge Junior! In the final analysis, Zende isn’t convinced that RJ is a competent person to create a historical collection and believes that the only thing he has is. After hearing this, RJ was done with Zende and stormed away from the area, leaving their conversation unfinished.

Then, in the hospital RJ went to visit Eric (John McCook) who was taking tests. In another Salon at Forrester Creations, Luna arrived dressed in the form of a Forrester Original. Later, Zende entered the room and informed Luna know that he was person who had sent the note.

Communication Overload

The moment Thomas along with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) got together again she immediately informed him about the conversation he had with Finn. Then he listened to her husband criticizing his wife to Hope. Steffy believes that she doesn’t believe Thomas changed Hope However, she feels she’s changed. However, Thomas wasn’t pleased with the things he saw Finn tell him — that he was not the best for Hope even a bit. Thomas requested Steffy to meet with Finn and convince Finn that he’s not a threat.

In parallel, Xander (Adain Bradley) and Finn were talking at length in the doctor’s office and the latter pushed the same tale. The story claimed that Thomas was a danger and liable to Emma’s (Nia Soux) death. Thomas insisted that everything he’s told him was true. Finn grew even more concerned. In the case of Xander the man who isn’t concerned whether the investigation is over. Thomas threatened him and could have killed him. They should all be aware of that!

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