The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps Recaps January 10, 2024


A raging RJ calls Zende Pathetic and tells him to resign.

RJ Forrester has some strong remarks about Zende.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday 10th January 2024, included RJ fighting against him and telling him in unambiguous terms to back him off.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps Recaps January 10, 2024
RJ Forrester was furious with Zende.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

Furthermore, Steffy and Hope discussed Thomas prior to their own discussions together with Finn along with Thomas. Finn as well as Steffy were not on the same page regarding the story of Xander. In the meantime, Thomas and Hope felt more connected than ever before, and Thomas being optimistic about the future. Let’s dive into the specifics of what transpired.

Too Much Worrying

A nurse informed Finn (Tanner Novlan) on Eric’s (John McCook) state of health (his numbers are in good shape) the only thing he could do was think over Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). Think about everything Xander (Adain Bradley) said to him.

In Forrester Creations, Hope (Annika Noelle) was able to see that Steffy was at a loss. Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) claimed it was about Thomas’s history coming back to take him to heel. Hope was hoping she wasn’t saying she was responsible for bringing down Thomas. Steffy acknowledged that there was some evidence of that, but in general, she was worried about other things that could drag Thomas down.

Thomas arrived, and Thomas came in, and Steffy know that she didn’t have to be concerned regarding the past. Thomas was looking forward to the future and the future joys that are to come.

RJ Fights for His Rights

Additionally, at Forrester, Luna (Lisa Yamada) was honest with RJ (Joshua Hoffman) about a possible meeting to Zende (Delon de Metz) and also about the note. RJ immediately knew that his absence of signing his name indicated that Zende would have her believe it was RJ who had arranged the date.

After Zende came into the office and RJ was there to give Zende names. In fury, he called Zende in a pathetic way for not being able find someone to kiss. So instead, he kissed Luna.

. Zende stated that the night was meant to be a fun event. RJ was skeptical of his cousin for a second.

The situation escalated, to the point of RJ seeking to find out what Zende tried to talk to him via Luna. An extremely angry and irritable RJ stated that the patience of Zende was coming to an end. He did, in fact reach out to Zende, asking him to aid in the grandad’s collection. He was stunned by the way to repay him.

At the final moment, RJ commanded Zende to take his sketchbook, and then go back! In the meantime, Luna begged RJ and Zende to not fight over her. When Zende had left, RJ let her know that he didn’t believe Zende’s actions were aimed at Luna in any way. In her own way she felt that, while Zende was awed by her, a part of him was determined to hold it to RJ too. In the end, she thought that Zende was a lovely guy, but her heart was in RJ.

A Couple on the Same Page

After Steffy quit, Hope and Thomas discussed their respective opinions as the only thing which mattered in their relationships. They’re done with the opinions of others. It’s true, Thomas made sure to talk about the ring she had that was on her necklace, and the fact that he was eager to see it placed on her finger.

Although Hope stated that she was pleased by Thomas’s suggestion, Thomas changed his tune. Thomas said he was fine with her not confirming the proposal after all. It was not his intention to see her to be a part of agreeing to an engagement she wasn’t fully prepared for. Hope said she’s had a similar experience before. Thomas was encouraged as Thomas felt he was finally worth Hope and her affection after all the work he’s completed.

Couple on a completely different Page

Thomas as well as Hope were in the same boat. In the meantime, Finn and Steffy were clearly not in the same boat. While Finn as well as Steffy initially shook hands, the relationship became a heated discussion over Xander. Finn admitted that he had a date with Xander once more. This irritated Steffy as she didn’t wish for Finn to get involved with her in any way.

Finn spoke about the reasons he was willing to see Xander once more. After he’d had the information, he was more convinced than ever before that Thomas might be the one responsible for the death of Emma Barber. Finn shared with Steffy all that Xander spoke about the security footage as well as the GPS which placed Thomas at the site of Emma’s death. However, Steffy demanded that the police release Thomas.

Xander arriving with lies, and Hope performing whatever it is she’s been doing. She feared everything could cause Thomas -and he might slide backwards. Thus, Finn said to her she had to meet with Thomas to find out the truth for the first time in history.

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