The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers February 13, 2024


B&B Spoilers: Guilty Poppy Faces the Truth

Poppy discovers a shocking realization.

In the episode of February 14 in The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at Poppy discovering that her sister could be right on her.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers February 13, 2024
Poppy’s chickens come home to roost.

Is Luna’s News A Wakeup Call?

Fresh from another fight between her and sister Li (Naomi Matsuda), Poppy (Romy Park) is able to hear the story of Luna’s awful night and a confused morning. Discovering the fact that Luna (Lisa Yamada) had a sexual encounter on with RJ (Joshua Hoffman) and doesn’t know the exact details of what happened isn’t what Poppy was expecting to learn. She’s even more shocked when Luna says that she believed she was having a sex session with RJ but the truth is Zende (Delon De Metz).

Poppy recognizes that her daughter isn’t a drinker, and nothing makes sense. But she quickly begins to connect the dots and realizes that Luna may have taken grasp of her magical mints, which triggers a series of events that could alter Luna’s life forever.

Was Li right regarding the lifestyle choices of Poppy? Was Poppy’s lust for an occasional boost of energy ruin her daughter’s own life? She believed she was always mindful of her mints but wasn’t being as vigilant it appears.

RJ Needs Reassurance

While RJ is at it, RJ is still over his head over Luna but isn’t sure if she remains the same feeling about him. Is he noticing that Luna seems to be acting differently from what she was last night? Does it mean that he cannot simply chalk up to a hangover?

When RJ raises his concerns with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) She reassures her precious child that Luna is a loving mother to him and only him. She knows that Luna is a total love with her son and won’t let anything get against them. What happens when she discovers what transpired with Zende? With the knowledge of Brooke, her, she may be more distraught than RJ.


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