The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers February 19, 2024


B&B Spoilers: Mint-Induced Tryst Gives Zende Hope to Win Luna

Zende sees an opportunity for love.

On the February 20 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers tease a major move from Zende in his quest for Luna. Also, Hope and Thomas fans are in for a treat.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers February 19, 2024
Luna isn’t pleased about Zende pushing her.

Zende’s Romantic Plan

No, Zende (Delon de Metz) didn’t trick Luna (Lisa Yamada) into sleeping with him. The blame for that rests on those hallucinogenic mints Luna mistakenly took, courtesy of her “druggie” mom Poppy (Romy Park). Zende could see how horrified Luna was to learn she slept with him, not her boyfriend, RJ (Joshua Hoffman). Furthermore, all Luna expressed to Zende and Poppy was how much she loves RJ and fears that this will completely ruin their relationship.

Did Zende hear this, really take it in, and understand Luna’s feelings? Apparently not. Zende thinks this terrible mix-up is his opportunity to snag the girl of his dreams. He decides now is the time to tell Luna why they should be together and what a fantastic future they could have.

The last thing Luna expects from Zende right now is another romantic plea. When Zende learned that Luna thought she was making love to RJ., he genuinely seemed to feel awful. He seemed to get it. Now, he is back to his old ways. Zende, give a girl a break!

Thope Steams Up the Office

It has been at least two weeks since we have seen Hope (Annika Noelle) and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) being intimate. For you Thope fans, that can seem like an eternity. Fortunately, that “dry spell” is over.

While hope and Thomas’s rendezvous have been taking place at the cabin lately, now they find they just can’t keep their hands off each other at the office again. Did their conversation with RJ about his first-time making love to Luna get them in the mood? Who knows. Hope and Thomas don’t need an excuse to get passionate at work. Maybe each intimate encounter is bringing Hope one step closer to saying yes to Thomas’s proposal…or maybe not.


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