The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers January 10, 2024


Uh-Oh! Thomas’s Proposal News Reached Liam’s Ears

Liam Spencer is about to be lost in thought!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday 11 January 2024, episode 9185, will show Liam in quite a mess when he discovers how quick Thomas attempted to move using Hope. Check out the show and watch Liam’s head explode!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers January 10, 2024
Liam isn’t thrilled to learn Thomas proposed to Hope.

Bold And the Beautiful Spoilers Highlights

It’s not a secret that Liam (Scott Clifton) dislikes Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). In fairness, he’s got numerous, many of (way way too many) reasons to hate Thomas. The worst part is watching the baddie get his hooks hooked into Hope (Annika Hope).

Liam might not like her, but he does not want Thomas to be with her. To learn that Thomas trying to make it legal (with this stunner of a rings, that is) causes a rage in Liam and makes him be angry!

Too Much, too Fast

Imagine Liam’s awe when he learned that Thomas was quick to get up on his knees, offering the ring, and then asking Hope to marry him. What is he thinking?! Doesn’t this seem too early? Wouldn’t this be a sign that Thomas hasn’t changed into a monster?

The main question is what does Liam respond to this? Will he be all in a ballistic battle against the design? Will he battle the fires with his fist and try to go all out to get Hope back and defend her from this dangerous person? Only the time will determine.

The Truth Must Rule

In reference to Thomas, Finn (Tanner Novlan) insists on Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to confront her brother over Emma. It’s high time the REAL truth was revealed, and Finn doesn’t think the police got it right. The most Steffy could be able to do is talk with Thomas and ask him questions, right? Will Steffy accept Thomas’s request?

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