The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers January 17, 2024


Poppy And Bill Become Sizzling Hot Gossip

Dollar Bill Spencer has a huge presence, especially when he’s out on a hot date!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday on January 18, 2024, will make sure all eyes are focused on Poppy and Bill for their second date. Check out the show to find out who’s talking about the flingy couple.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers January 17, 2024
Bill Spencer and Poppy’s date is the talk of the town.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Highlights

It’s a gorgeous day to go out for dinner And Poppy (Romy Parks) isn’t going to miss out on the perfect chance to impress Dollar Bill (Don Diamont). He’s ready to be picked and is quite enthralled (as seen here). She’s also. Who wouldn’t want to be? He’s a rich and powerful, and powerful man after all.

Bill Gets His Groove Back

The two spend time together and cozy at Il Giardino (because why pick the place that’s not operated by the two most powerful criminals of the town?) and enjoy each other’s company. Poppy enjoys a good time with her eyelashes while watching Bill go through a meltdown as she cranks her heat up.

This is her opportunity to break into Los Angeles high society and establish her position in the town. Li (Naomi Matsuda) might not be happy with her presence in the city, but it’s not her problem Is it? Poppy will perform whatever (and whom) Poppy is going to do!

The Hens Start Clucking

It’s a sure thing that Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) are paying attention to these guests. They cannot look away from the table. What brought these two together? What made this small romance begin? How far will it go? to take it?

Sheila and Deacon are avid gossipers, and this is definitely an interesting topic to talk about. The city’s most prominent businessman having a chat with an unknown newcomer? Ooh, la la

In case you didn’t know Mornings of SoapsSpoiler.Com are for commentary or wild speculation on The Bold and the Beautiful’s latest stories — where they’re headed and how they’re doing and often just what we’re hoping to soon within Los Angeles We’re particularly fond of this particular episode.

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