The Young and the Restless 2nd Commentary January 14, 2024


The Y&R’s Victor Newman Strikes a Deal with Claire

What will they do to betray Victoria in Y&, R.

The Young and the Restless 2nd Commentary January 14, 2024
Will Claire do as the Great Victor Newman wants?

Victor Newman has never trusted Claire on The Young and the Restless. Even now, he realizes she’s his long-lost daughter, Eve Nicole. Victor dislikes the things Claire or Jordan have done to Nikki. He also hates the things Claire continues to do to Victoria. Wouldn’t it be great to have the issue disappear from their lives? Here’s how Victor could make it take place…

Victor Newman: A Bit of a Twist

Claire (Hayey Erin) has already stated to Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Cole (J. Eddie Peck) that she does not have any intention of becoming the pair’s Eve Nicole. Eve Nicole is dead. It’s Claire Grace and she doesn’t have anything to do with the two. Claire is determined to get Victoria to leave her life. What is this? Victor (Eric Braeden) is also looking to get Claire out of her life! However, Vicki has already made her intentions clear to be there for her daughter regardless of what. But what if…Claire isn’t actually her daughter?

Blood Will Tell

What could be the reason? Victoria and Cole conducted an DNA test which proved Claire is their child. However, did they receive Claire’s DNA sample straight from Claire? It’s not true. They took this from an old toothbrush that was found in the house of Claire. Did you know who was also living in Claire’s home? The aunt of Claire Jordan (Colleen Zenk). Jordan could be evil, violent, but there is no reason to believe that she was not practicing proper dental hygiene. Jordan probably also had her teeth cleaned. Was it the toothbrush she Victoria and Cole mistakenly picked up and then discarded?

Match Game

What is the reason for the test to show that there was a genetic match? It’s because Jordan has Cole’s mother as a sibling. There’s a reason the possibility of a genetic link between the two. When Victor (Eric Braeden) establishes that connection and is able to connect, all he has to do is call Claire and tell her that they share a purpose. He’ll show that she’s not Victoria’s daughter. This will force Victoria from Claire’s world. Victor can pull any of of his available strings to have Claire free out of the hospital…on conditions that she gets removed from his existence. This is win-win! It’s a win-win situation until Victoria discovers the things her father did.

The Young and the Restless airs on weekdays on CBS. To learn more about what’s happening on the horizon in Genoa City, check out the most up-to-date Y&R spoilers.


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