The Young and the Restless 2nd Commentary January 21, 2024


This Is Phyllis Summers’s Real Y&R Goal for Danny

Danny is an excuse for her Y&R excuse.

Phyllis hit herself on Danny on the Young and the Restless. She then hit him with her body again. Then she lost all of her clothing. In public. Phyllis says it’s because of the fact that she does not like Danny. Phyllis insists that she is in love with Danny. But do you think she’s telling the truth?

The Young and the Restless 2nd Commentary January 21, 2024
Danny Romalotti isn’t really Phyllis’s top priority.

The One That Got Away

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) arrived in Genoa City to entrap Danny (Michael Damian). Yes, she’s had others since then – Jack (Peter Bergman), Nick (Joshua Morrow) …. but they were rebounding. Phyllis is never letting go of anything. If she digs her teeth into her teeth, they’re never going to come out. She was Danny once. She’ll want Danny all the time. In and out of clothes.

The Hard Way

Phyllis might try to get Danny her back, by playing nice to Danny. However, she doesn’t do that. is. Phyllis isn’t able to be an amiable person. She’s just a create schemes, even if they aren’t required. She’ll continue to do it. Even when it makes Danny farther and further away.

The Real Deal

Since, at the final analysis, Danny isn’t Phyllis’ top priority. Christine (Lauralee Bell) is. It’s not because Phyllis is looking to be the winner. She’s more interested in Christine to fall. Christine has once prevented Phyllis, Danny, and Daniel from having the happy couple they are. Then she did not stop when Phyllis attempted to smash her with her vehicle. How can a woman let an innocent man be mowed down right in her path?

Danny deserves a better person than him! If he isn’t able to see the problem, Phyllis can. After she’s gotten him out of Christien the thief, he’ll realize the bullet he dodged. Be grateful for Phyllis. Forever. Danny, Danny, Danny, and Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Brian) could be the family they’ve always been intended to be. Lucy will even have to deal with Heather (Vail Bloom) should she have to. Christine, who?


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