The Young and the Restless 2nd News February 13, 2024


Here’s Why Tucker Is Gaslighting Ashley On Y&R

It is much older than the last marriage of his.

The show The Young and the Restless, Ashley is convinced that Tucker is trying to deceive her into believing that he didn’t do anything violent in their Paris breakup, despite the fact that her family is convinced contrary. Tucker is an incredibly badass. We wouldn’t think anything could be further from him. However, the question is what do Tucker have to gain by creating Ashley be skeptical of her own memory? Tucker is focused on power and money however what happens do you think if this latest plot isn’t?

The Young and the Restless 2nd News February 13, 2024
Ashley’s convinced Tucker is gaslighting her.

Return To Sender

It’s a fact that nobody is happy to be disregarded. Everyone searches for a reason or a reason to convince themselves that their rejection was not the fault of someone else. The person who rejected them did not understand the value of their contribution. This person is…crazy.

If we’re going to be sure it’s true, that Tucker (Trevor St. John) was truly in love with Ashley (Eileen Ashley Davidson) Then we need to think it’s true that Tucker felt devastated after Ashley refused to let him be the leader over her own family. What woman would choose to do that? What kind of woman wouldn’t choose to put Tucker first?

An insane woman, you know who! Ashley was clearly insane when she rejected Tucker. What can Tucker demonstrate this? If not to Ashley but at the very least to himself and all the world. For the reason that even Abbott family is convinced that Ashley is crazy So Tucker will be acquitted, will he not? Ashley is insane. She was dumping Tucker was insane. Her fault is hers. He is not to blame.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Where did this compulsion for Tucker beginning? What about when he was born? What about the first woman who turned down Tucker? What did his mother react? What is it with Kay (Jeanne Cooper)? Kay did not give Tucker away. Kay was a Chancellor. a Chief Chancellor, over the son. Over Tucker. Why would she do this? What made her do it? Was it the fault of Tucker? The answer is no, it could not be Tucker’s fault. It was Kay’s responsibility. It must have been a bit crazy to have done that. It’s always her mother’s fault…right?


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