The Young and the Restless 2nd News February 15, 2024


Here’s What You Need to Know About Ashley’s Mental Breakdowns On Y&R

Ashley remembers her baby Robert after a minor accident.

In the episode of February 15 on The Young and the Restless, Ashley suffered a minor car crash. These triggered memories of the time she was involved in a horrific wreck which led to her losing Baby Robert.

The Young and the Restless 2nd News February 15, 2024
Ashley Abbott has experienced serious mental health problems before.

Losing Baby Robert

Ashley (Eileen the Davidson) as well as Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) were expecting their first child in the hope of saving their marriage. Ashley was delighted to be expecting and she as well as Brad were anticipating their baby to be born. When she was getting close to having her baby while relaxing at a

resort, rival items by Jabot as well as Newman Enterprises were launched amid the ever-present battle between the two firms.

Victor (Eric Braeden) visited the resort to inform Ashley not to be worried and she began to get more anxious, so she decided to go into Genoa City to check on this. While driving to Genoa City, Ashley got into a horrendous crash, and was cut off out of the car. Ashley suffered serious injuries and fell into an induced in a coma. When she awoke, she received the dreadful information that she’d lost her baby in the course of the accident. In addition, she discovered she could not have children.

Ashley was horrified to discover that. She, like most people blamed Victor. She went through a psychotic depression and began to show everyone an untidy blanket that she claimed is her son. Ashley was helped and was able to get back on track well for a few months. Finally, Victor went to talk to Ashley, and she snapped off, declaring that he was the biological father of Abby because she’d snatched his sperm and implanted. Then, Brad and Ashley divorced.

Gaslighting And Hope

A little further on, Ashley beat the odds and got pregnant with the baby of Victor. But Adam was gaslighting her to believe that she’d lost her mind and in his games of deceit she lost the baby. Adam convinced her that Ashley was pregnant and bribed a doctor.

In the event that they along with Sharon (Sharon Case) were admitted to the same hospital for psychiatric issues the same doctor examined Sharon’s child and passed her to be Ashley as well as Victor’s and telling Sharon her child had passed away. After a few months it became clear it was Ashley as well as Victor’s child Hope was actually Sharon along with Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) daughter Faith.

Ashley has an extensive past of mental breakdowns, in addition, she’s been a victim of gaslighting before. That’s why she’s anxious about the possibility that Tucker (Trevor Saint. John) is smooching her however, is Tucker really gaslighting her? Or is Ashley mistakenly remembering what took place in Paris?


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