The Young and the Restless 2nd News February 21, 2024


How did Eric Braeden Conquer Bladder Cancer? This Y&R Star Shares His Story

The Y&R fan favourite was interviewed by newscaster Pat Harvey.

Victor Newman has vanquished many opponents during his time on The Young and the Restless and, thankfully it can be said about his character, Eric Braeden. He was diagnosed with cancer just a year ago. And now his Daytime Emmy winner is talking about his triumph over his cancer.

The Young and the Restless 2nd News February 21, 2024
Eric Braeden.

Eric Braeden: The Fight of His Life

“I wouldn’t be as brutal as he is” Braeden told KCAL-TV journalist (and Y&R devotee) Pat Harvey who asked him what he thought of Eric would be interested in having the role of his TV alter-ego. “I will not put in [the prison ofmy wife’s lover,” Braeden quipped, referring to the storyline that Victor locked up Michael Scott (Nick Benedict) in his basement, after finding out that he had been having a sexual affair with his wife Julia (Meg Bennett).

Braeden talked to Harvey the experiences of growing up during World War II, having been born in 1940 in Germany. “That means we’re bombed daily and nightly A tough life but a great one” Braeden told Harvey. Braeden’s survival instincts were kicked into full gear last year after Braeden was diagnosed with cancer.

He spoke about the symptoms he experienced which led to the diagnosis of cancer. The urine he was passing through wasn’t releasing the hormone eosinophilia, which is a common occurrence in people who are over 50. “Everything develops in the wrong spots,” he quipped about having an overly large prostate. While there was no evidence of cancer in Braeden’s prostate area, it was found within his bladder.

“My oldest brother was 90 years old and was able to have his bladder removed 11 many years back,” Braeden said. “He was diagnosed with cancer too late, and ithad ascended into the bladder’s wall of muscle.” Because of a treatment known as BCG, a medication that was created to combat tuberculosis in Braeden, his health improved towards the positive and he’s cancer-free.

“As men you’re familiar with saying”Oh, get over it, and to hell with it”” the actor says. The actor suggests early detection and monitoring your body’s needs are the most important actions to take to ensure your health.

Braeden is among the most popular faces around the world due to Y&R’s worldwide popularity, Braeden says he’s not asked for his signature within Los Angeles. “There’s an unwritten law in L.A.] that people aren’t allowed to approach the actor,” he says. “They might be interested, but they don’t approach you in this area. Tourists might but not a native of L.A. will do thatmost of the time.

“It’s fantastic,” Braeden says whenever Braeden is recognized as the mustachioed mogul. “You want to leave an impact and know that you contributed to the change.”


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