The Young and the Restless 2nd News January 29, 2024


Jordi Vilasuso’s Wife Kaitlin Gives Daughter’s Health Update, Asks for More Prayers

The family of this soap alums could benefit from prayer and thoughts of positivity.

The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives alum, Jordi Vilasuso, and his wife Kaitlin recently shared that their daughter, Lucy Noelle, who was born a few weeks early and was in the NICU suffering from RSV. The new mom is happy with the improvement the baby has seen in the last few days and has requested that people send prayers for their baby.

The Young and the Restless 2nd News January 29, 2024
Kaitlin and Jordi Vilasuso.

An Update on Baby Lucy

Kaitlin posted on Instagram overflowing with gratitude and shared pictures of herself as well as Jordi (ex-Rey, Y&R ex-Dario Days) with their daughter. She wrote “Got to hug my little girl. Jordi and I are so grateful to the people who have covered us with prayers and love, once time and time. It may sound crazy however we feel that and the family we have gathered many strengths and confidence from your support. Our precious Lucy is turning out to be quite a fighter. The most notable praise is that the x-rays of her lungs was substantially better than the x-ray they had taken on the night she was transferred to the NICU. Praise God! (I’ll update the stories to show you!)

“We still have a lot of big prayers to pray for her, though, and would be so so grateful if you join us in continuing to lift her up,” she added. “She remains using her CPAP machine, however we’re hoping that, as they attempt to ease off of it as they try to reduce her pulse, oxygen levels and respiratory rate remain steady and the amount of CO2 in her blood is decreasing. If she can be removed from the CPAP and moved to normal oxygen without pressure and (providing the vitals are healthy) is able remove her feeding tube. It’s crazy how I miss being with her, feeding her, and being able to soothe her that way. We are praying that we will be no hiccups while her body is navigating the next steps, no matter how the time it will take.

“We are so happy with the progress however, we are physically exhausted from the last week, and emotional exhausted for our daughter and trying to figure out how we can be there for Lucy as well as being there for Riley and Evie as well, who are also having difficult times, too. We are praying for strength no matter what the next phase of this road towards healing,” Kaitlin wrote. “Thank you for being a loving parent to us and caring for our children like you do. As always, we’re always thankful. 

The Y&R’s Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) wrote, “Been praying and holding space for you all in my heart every day. Sending prayers and love. What wonderful news! Lucy has this little girl!!!”

“It isn’t crazy! He’s very trustworthy! Continue to pray!!” replied Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa, Days).


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