The Young and the Restless 2nd News January 30, 2024


Might Sasha Calle Be Up, Up, and Away Back to Genoa City?

The actress bids goodbye to one character and may say hello to a different role.

It’s been a while since the Young and the Restless alum, Sasha Calle, packed her food truck for Lola and left Genoa City after being cast as Supergirl in the Flash film. The news now is of an important casting decision which could make it easier for Calle to find some time to return as Lola Rosales.

The Young and the Restless 2nd News January 30, 2024
Sasha Calle.

Sasha Calle: New Krypton

Deadline announced they have learned that DC Universe has cast a new actress to portray Supergirl. Milly Alcock (Game of Thrones) is playing the role in the role of Maid of Might be popular in the world of comic books as Kara Zor El, a cousin to Superman.

What’s for Calle? She’s scheduled to screen alongside film actor Jacob Elordi in the upcoming film On Swift Horses. She’s playing Sandra. The film is about an unmarried couple and one of them is involved in betting on horses and discovers another relationship while doing so. Perhaps a return to Genoa City be in store after the production of On Swift Horses is completed? Anything’s possible.

Kyle and Lola: Reunion of the Year

We should not forget that it was just a few years back that Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Lola’s wedding was described as a massive occasion! The couple’s marriage went through the bottom because of a myriad of issues, most notably Kyle’s unresolved feelings toward Summer (Allison Lanier). Kyle along with Summer have since broken up, and it could be the perfect time to Calle to return Lola and go to Genoa City.

If she wanted to do this, Lola could check in on her cousin Sharon (Sharon Case) who was married to Lola’s deceased younger brother Rey (Jordi Vilasuso). Calle isn’t the only actress who was in Supergirl to play a part in Y&R. She was also an actor. Helen Slater, who played the role of the title character in the film Supergirl was a guest in Y&R in the role of the character Dr. Chiverton in 2014.

There are speculations that Supergirl is set to show into Superman Legacy, which is expected to be filmed shortly prior to the character getting her own film of her own, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

Sasha Calle: Supergirl Legacy

Calle isn’t playing Supergirl for a while, however she’s immortalized in the role, not just in film, but she was transformed to an action-figure by makers of Barbie. “There’s a [Barbie] that looks like me,” Calle wrote in her diary. “I do not know what to do. I’ve been traveling with her everywhere…flying around and thinking of the eyes of a laser haha.


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