The Young and the Restless 2nd News January 31, 2024


Jordi Vilasuso’s wife Kaitlin Marks Daughter’s Milestones with A Health Update

Little Lucy was a happy baby in the days leading up to becoming one month old.

The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives alum Jordi Vilasuso and his wife Kaitlin welcomed their third child, Lucy Noelle, who arrived a month before in the last quarter of in the year. Recently the parents of three requested their loved ones, family members and their fans to pray fervently for Lucy since she was admitted to the NICU suffering from RSV. Today, Kaitlin has reached a significant milestone for the girl, with an update on her health.

The Young and the Restless 2nd News January 31, 2024
Kaitlin, Jordi, and Lucy Vilasosu.

Kaitlin Marks One Month

Kaitlin posted on Instagram to post some pictures along with videos from Lucy celebrating the first day of her baby’s life. In addition, she shared an important update about the baby.

“Happy one month!” (and happy due date) !!!) to this sweet peanut!!!! Lucy had a wonderful day yesterday. Oh my god did we require a positive day.

“Her doctors had lowered the pressure of her CPAP (the pressure at which is getting oxygen) from 6 to 5 on Sunday in order to attempt to wean her off and she was really struggling,” explained Vilasuso. “She was suffering from desats throughout the day, and she was constantly coughing, and her respiration rate kept rising. It was as if she had been tearing her feeding tube out, and they were constantly having to insert it again and it was an awful experience.

“Then the other day, for no apparent reason they decided to offer her the chance to come out of the machine to see what she could perform with a regular cannula. And boy did she amaze us. statistics were much better throughout the day long than they were the previous day and she was so good that they even let her try feeding her bottle,” she continued. “I included a video of her trying milk the very first time she had since going to ICU and her girlfriend is enjoying eating like her mommy. She was able to tolerate the feeding tube for throughout the day. They could remove the feeding tube on Friday night.

If the condition improves () In the meantime, we’re planning try breastfeeding this morning and observe what her health stats are,” Vilasuso wrote. “She’s currently on oxygen levels of two at present which is why they’ll begin reducing that number as time goes by and then see how she fare. I’m trying my best to manage my expectations as I am always so excited when there’s a positive thing happening, and then I feel like I’ve been hit with tons of bricks every time there’s a setback. but this is the first time in a while since arriving here, it’s like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

“Thank you Thank you, thank you for lifting her up.!!!! We ask you to keep praying for her healing as well as continued wisdom for her remarkable team of nurses and doctors,” asked the mother of three. “And you could also add prayers for her exhausted and exhausted parents in case you have some left. We are you!”

Vilasuso’s co-stars from the past include Sean Dominic (Nate, Y&R), Doug Davidson (ex-Paul, Y&R), Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R), Tracey Bregman (Lauren, Y&R), Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS), and Brandon Barash (Stefan, DAYS) all expressed their love for the five-member family.

SoapsSpoiler.Com sends its best wishes to the Vilasuso family on Lucy’s continual improvement in her recovery from RSV.


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