The Young and the Restless 3rd News February 12, 2024


Nikki Drops Bombshell That She Has Proof Jordan Is Alive On Y&R

Even though Victor and the remainder of the Newman family had hoped Jordan died in the fire that ravaged the correctional facility in which she was held on February 12, the Monday, February 12, episode on The Young and the Restless was the first time that Nikki make a statement that completely changed the lives of the Newman family.

The Young and the Restless 3rd News February 12, 2024
Nikki blindsides Victoria and Victor with the truth about Jordan.

Jordan Survived the Fire

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) spoke to Victoria (Amelia Heinle) the truth about things that were extremely bad. She admitted that she’d made the worst slip-up of her life and was terrified of it. This obviously shocked Victoria. Nikki admitted she was dealing with the consequences of her mistake.

Victor (Eric Braeden) tried to sweep all details about the blaze under the rug However, Nikki insists the fact that “she HAS escaped.” She repeatedly informed Victoria as well as Victor they had evidence. The evidence? The music of the stripper phone calls.

Naturally, Victor wondered if Nikki thought she was imagining the phone calls, but she claimed it was genuine. In the wake of this news, Victor and Victoria tried in convincing Nikki that they were able to protect her. Victoria advised her mother to stay in a calm state and Victor accepted. Nikki chose to take some relaxation.

Of course, she was required to make. Nikki bought a bottle vodka and Victor admitted to having the staff remove all alcohol from the home. Although Nikki could understand the reason for doing this, she demanded that she must stop drinking by herself, but obviously, she wasn’t at a point where she could not drink within the home. The two Victor and Victoria were able to assure Nikki, they’d make her be more energized.

After Nikki was up the stairs, Victor and Victoria discussed the entire situation. Victoria suggested rehabilitation for Nikki, but Victor was determined to keep her in the house in particular considering “that Jordan woman” might be in hiding and seeking revenge.

In their conversation, Victor revealed that Claire claimed that Jordan had stated that fires can be great distractions which the two of them. Victor told me he’d be able to tell who was able to survive and who died in the flames. He promised his daughter to ensure the safety of their family.

In the upstairs room, Nikki had a nightmare that she was asleep outside drinking booze from a bottle. She awakeed after which she called Jack (Peter Bergman). He said he would be available at any time and that seemed to upset Diane (Susan Walters).


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