The Young and the Restless 3rd News February 20, 2024


Ashley on Y&R: What is Really going on?

Ashley entered Tucker’s bedroom on the episode of The Young and the Restless that aired February 20, and said she was there to make things right with Tucker. She had yelled the day before at her inner voices to stop. This may explain her sudden change in attitude.

The Young and the Restless 3rd News February 20, 2024
Something is going on with Ashley.


Ashley (Eileen Davidson), who was a little hesitant at first, changed her mind about Tucker (Trevor St. John). She said that Tucker had not been violent in Paris, but he remained skeptical. Ashley said she was letting go of her anger on confusion and that her accident had given her clarity. Tucker didn’t buy it. He thought she was either forcing her to say it, or he was being swindled. What if he’s wrong?

But we think that maybe, just perhaps, we understand what is going on. These voices could be a sign that Ashley is dealing with a split-personality. She told herself on Monday to take charge of the situation. This could have been her other self-speaking.

Ashley has a mental illness history. She sounded calm and reasonable in her conversation with Tucker. Ashley told Tucker that she did not want to feel pain or anger any longer. She gave Tucker some time to consider it and asked him to try again. But again, Tucker did not bite.

Ashley told Audra (Zuleyka) in a firm voice that the relationship between her and Tucker would not last when she came downstairs. Ashley was confident that Tucker will dump Audra in her favor, which is a radical change from the way she acted just a few days before.

Ashley could have developed a plan to get Tucker back, but we believe it was something else. She was acting so differently. Ashley’s behavior was a sudden change. We believe her changed personality is a way to protect her from the confusion and pain she has been experiencing.


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