The Young and the Restless 4th News February 14, 2024


Y&R’s Trevor St. John Is Having ‘A Good Enough Day

The actor who portrays Tucker McCall is starring in the upcoming film was written and directed by him.

Trevor St. John, who plays the mysterious Tucker McCall on The Young and the Restless He’s performing a new character. He’s in a brand-new film that he wrote and directed. SoapsSpoiler.Com has the details about the fan-favorite’s thrilling new part.

The Young and the Restless 4th News February 14, 2024
Trevor St. John has a new film.

Trevor St. John: A Good Enough Day

St. John stars in A Good Enough Day. He is the shutterbug Tyler Hamilton, a man who’s let his relationships fade due to the loss of his child. In the face of the possibility of dying, Tyler decides to contact people whom he hasn’t met, such as particularlyhis adult daughter. Tyler finds out how his child is suffering from a crisis and that his inaction has only made matters worse.

A Good Enough Day is “a feature film that I co-wrote, directed, and acted in, and it’s a film that was born of a desire to make a movie that respects its audience’s emotional intelligence and intuition,” St. John states. “And we hope that when you see it, you’ll feel respected in that way and that you’ll be moved by it, and maybe it will cause you to reflect on your life and the love and loss that you’ve experienced.”

Josh Wingate co-stars in the film with Josh Wingate. He is known to soap lovers because of his role as the villainous Carter the person who was raped by Michael (Chad Duell) in the prison.

The St. John’s film is getting rave reviews of his Y&R co-stars. “I am unable to adequately describe the work put in this movie …” released by Bryton James (Devon). “Please follow the link on my bio to see an incredible story that was written, directed, and co-written by and starring my amazing TV Dad.

“I was deeply touched by this film and I’m sure you will be as well! The film was written and directed by my colleague and friend Trevor St. John”” wrote Eileen Davidson on her Instagram account. Then she added Beth Maitland (Traci): “Cannot wait to watch the film!


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