The Young and the Restless Comings and Goings February 3, 2024


It’s the Young and the Restless Coming and Goings the Missing Aunt Revises

Find out who is popping out of Genoa City and beyond this week.

Who’s going to be on the show and who’s coming to The Young and the Restless? Do you have any favorite actors from the past returning to the drama’s daytime programming this week or in the near in the near future? Here’s the most recent casting news for CBS’s soap. CBS soap.

Five days of the week on February 5, 2024.

Beth Maitland is back for another season on the show as Traci Abbott. You can expect the character, along with their sister Ashley (Eileen Daniels) who will be spending more times in Paris on the Monday of February 5, as the Abbott sisters work to discover the truth of what actually transpired with Ashley as well as Tucker (Trevor John). John) during their honeymoon in the fall of last year. They believe they have an answer, but they know that there is some more details to this story.

Veronica Redd returns as Mamie Johnson on Friday on February 5. She’ll appear in scenes alongside Sean Dominic’s Nate. Are you and Mamie content with the fact that Nate is back in the family and business group since he’s working for Chancellor-Winters for the second time? Is Mamie having a different task to assign her wonderful nephew in order to help him get ahead on the ladder of corporate success time?

Cait Fairbanks appears to play Tessa Porter. She’ll meet Melissa Ordway’s Abby on the morning of February 5. Maybe Tessa might book an event to sing at Society?


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