The Young and the Restless Commentary February 4, 2024


A Critic’s review of the film”The Young and the Restless: The film is disappointing and Loaded Moments

When it comes to watching Y&R Everyone has an opinion, and especially so as the most popular daytime dramas are related.

The Young and the Restless Commentary February 4, 2024
Victor Newman. Ashley Abbott. Nate Hastings.

In the case of The Young and the Restless each person has their own opinions – as SoapsSpoiler.Com is no different. Over the course of five weeks, we watched the good as well as the bad and all the rest in-between. Here, we are leading with optimism. But we rarely achieve what we desire. This is a summary of the week Y&R had.

The Feelings I’m Feeling Today the Nostalgiacs (Jack, Nikki, Victor)

Y&R offered us a lot of viewing time on the Powerhouse Trio — Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). In the past I was all Team Jack to the end However, in recent times I’m of the opinion that the Newmans are delivering some of the most entertaining dramas on daytime.

Like I said in my last post I am a sucker for all the Jack and Nikki quality we’re receiving. And man, did we get plenty more this week. In addition, Jack and Victor shared the cost of a drink. Full of laughter, tension, sarcasm as well as jokes, defensive gestures and everything else that make their rivalry legendary.

Jack Abbott (I’m in the spirit of putting his entire name is Victor Newman in the style of) is aware that he’s in a vulnerable position when it comes to Nikki. If he does even sniff around, the Victor is on him. It doesn’t happen so often anymore. He’s still trying to get over his delicate relationship with Victor to be able to assist Nikki who’s totally uncontrollable and battling her addiction.

Her need to protect the belief about Jack is her patron and away from Victor is completely untrue. The husband of her has made up himself as her protector at all times. She doesn’t need to get assistance from anyone other than him. The micromanaging style of his makes it more difficult for her to keep her clean drinking habits.

Their interactions throughout this week have made me want to know more:

-Why should Jack Abbott ever step foot into Newman Media even to take Nikki back to her workplace? In particular, after having an alcoholic drink and a chat with Victor in Society?

I know Jack Abbott is being as sincere as he possibly can with Diane (Susan Walters) however, what is the point of it? How does he believe she doesn’t be irritated by his spending time with his ex-wife Nikki?

As for Jack and Nikki What do they have in mind? Did you catch the omission and fall in his arms? I did. It’s know me thinking about whether Quality Time with Jack and Nikki will continue for a bit, and if it’s going become more and more messy. Are we heading towards yet another thrilling Jack Abbott vs. the Great Victor Newman War?

– Who is Jack trying to get rid of in order to help Nikki in her work at Newman Media? Another area in which the two should be cautious. Do they not think Victor is more a dictator at Newman Enterprises than a democratic CEO?

Can anyone be able to read the room and especially Victor? He’s on the edge and smotheringisn’t he able to tell it’s not what his wife is looking for right now? She’s recently removed Audra who tried to connect to Nikki by telling her own story of suffering. Although Nikki will require some structure but she’s not ready for it right now.

Other Y&R Thoughts

“The Yikes Award: Looks like MIA Jordan (Colleen Zenk) has already made her presence known by phoning Nikki. Her reaction was not pleasant. The stress is draining out of her. It’s likely she’ll be drinking one or five drinks any second.

Thank you, Nate: So far, Nate (Sean Dominic) isn’t getting caught in Audra’s (Zuleyka Silver) business ventures. I’m fine when Nate and Audra are together however I’m not ready to see Nate to wreck the plans of his family as soon as he’s getting back into the Chancellor-Winters. I enjoyed watching Nate as well as Devon has a drink.

Unusual Tucker Comment #1 I would not put it beyond Tucker (Trevor St. John) to pay the waiter. He’s a vindictive man and, as Audra stated that his ego will not let him down. He might not be going for Jabot (are we certain but we’re not sure) But he’ll make sure that one or more of the Abbotts are liable for a heavy fine.

A random Tucker Comments #2: enjoy Tucker as well as Audra as business partners on occasion with perks. This is not “I prefer you” and also serenade them with an awe-inspiring songs Tucker as well as Audra.

Unusual Tucker Comment #3 The boys have been showing Tucker lots lately. This is it.

The Line I Love: Chance (Conner Floyd) has it for this week. It was mentioned during his time with Summer and Summer, a pair that I’m still processing. They’re cute and that’s about it. say for the moment about them.

“Wow. Phyllis is the matchmaker. Is this before she resurfaced from the dead or following her return?

Chance Monday 29th January 2024

Additional Random Comments

Traci (Beth Maitland) is still the best sister of all time, while she and Ashley were looking for the answers they needed in Paris.

I can’t even think about Daniel (Michael Graceziadei) at this moment. I’m so disappointed. It’s as if that he as well as Lily (Christel Khalil) did something very casual.

Please give Sharon (Sharon Case) an office space so she won’t be forced to zoom in at Crimson Lights!

Passive aggressive Kyle (Michael Mealor) is not a fun character. However, I am awestruck the fact that Diane was quick to check the man on his sexiness.

– Normally I don’t like individuals who disregard others, but Devon (Bryton James) and Nate refusing to acknowledge Tucker have my full support.

It would be amazing for the show to last for at least a month without any of the characters going away from Adam (Mark Grossman). Think about this as a challenge Y&R.


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