The Young and the Restless Commentary February 7, 2024


How Jack Will Come Between Nikki and Victor on Y&R

A different type of story on Y&R.

Everyone is aware the fact that Nikki as well as Victor are in the final game of The Young and the Restless. Victor wouldn’t want it any different. Everyone — including Victor is aware that the biggest challenge that he’s ever faced in his quest to win Nikki’s unending love has been Jack Abbott. Not only did Nikki and Jack at one point married, but they’re still close friends. Nikki is still turning to Jack for help with issues she cannot communicate to Victor. If there’s more than enough of them chances that Jack could have a bigger position for her? A bigger role than Victor’s?

The Young and the Restless Commentary February 7, 2024
Will Jack helping Nikki ruin her marriage?

I’ll Be There for You

Victor (Eric Braeden) is the one who tells Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) what she needs to do. Jack (Peter Bergman) is asked by Nikki what she’d like her to do. Victor informs Nikki what he wants from her. Jack is asking Nikki what she would like from him. Victor says to Nikki “my child,” and keeps secrets from her as if she were an infant. Jack is a thorn in Nikki and mixes harsh realities with his trust in her. If you could choose which one, would you choose?

Stronger Together

The number of times Victor and Nikki been split? It’s going to take a supercomputer determine the number. How numerous times has they been back together? The same computer. Their ability to never be separated from each and for a long time — even if they agree to an open marriage, even when they dislike each one another — reveals all you should learn about Nikki’s brainwashing. Victor is able to keep her in his grip. He will never let her go.

Emotional Affair

Nikki will never cheat physically on Victor. The fact that she would challenge the offender to an MMA match is likely to end in the death of Victor. However, she will continue telling Jack the secrets she is sure Victor would never comprehend. Jack is likely to be in between Victor and Nikki emotionally. However, Victor doesn’t know what that means and everything will go according to plan.


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