The Young and the Restless Commentary January 14, 2024


The plot of Nate hastings’ Y&R Revenge Plot against the Newmans

Victor as well as Victoria would be shocked at Y&R.

The Young and the Restless Commentary January 14, 2024
Will Nate doing something like this on Y&R?

Nate Hastings got the short end of the stick when he was paired with Victor as well as Victoria Newman on Young and the Restless. Victor tried to lure Adam to “proving” his disloyalty to the show by pretending to be senile and waiting for his son to suggest that he should be convicted. Instead, it was the ex-doctor Nate who came up with the perfectly rational recommendation that an ill person be treated. Victor claimed that Nate had been an a traitor…and Victoria eventually agreed. Nate was sacked from his relationship, Nate lost his job in addition, Nate lost his time on air. Do the Newmans think he will relax and let it go?

Nate Hastings: Sneak Attack

Yes, that’s precisely what Newmans would. However, that Nate (Sean Dominic) who got a fling with Elena (Brytni Sarpy) in order to get a better job on to the top of corporate ladder (remember the time she said this to him? ) This isn’t exactly the same Nate who shrewdly risked his medical license to safeguard Victor (Eric Braeden). It’s a new, better (?) Nate. He won’t stop till Victor as well as Victoria (Amelia Heinle) are forced to pay for their deeds.

Mother Lode

Nate is also among the few who understands Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) has been off her game. He has offered her help. He was kind and thoughtful and unlike her family members, not in control. Nikki loved this. How far did her appreciation be? How much will Nate profit from that gratitude? Can Nate make use of his status as Nikki’s unprejudiced acquaintance and make threats to make her sleep?

The Punisher

Nate sharing a bed with Nikki will harm Victor. Nate taking a nap with Nikki could cause harm to Victoria. Nate being with Nikki will prove that the man isn’t one to be played around with. This would transform him into the power-player that he’s always wished to become. In addition, it could place him on Victor’s hit list and cause him to be completely defeated at the final. Because Victor Newman never loses. However, for a brief duration, Nate will feel like having repaid the family who never treated him as an equal. Do you think this is a possibility?

The Young and the Restless is a weekday show on CBS. For more information on the upcoming events on the horizon in Genoa City, check out all the most recent Y&R spoilers.


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