The Young and the Restless Commentary January 18, 2024


“Y&R’s Phyllis Summers Needs This Confidante to return to Genoa City

Phyllis cannot be in Y&R and talking about herself continuously.

Young And the Restless have turned the clock to the mid-1990s through having Phyllis Summers, Danny Romalotti as well as Christine “Cricket” Williams be part of the form of a triangle. Phyllis has decided that she is looking for Danny to be her own and will make it happen, no matter what. But she won’t be able to carry out her plans by herself. She requires a trusted partner.

The Young and the Restless Commentary January 18, 2024
Phyllis could use a Y&R pal.

Phyllis Summers Needs Her Friend Joani Garza

We couldn’t resist noticing Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) talking to herself a few days ago while she plotted to capture Danny (Michael Damian) yet again. It’s likely to look strange in the event she continues doing this. People will start thinking about who Phyllis talking to. And it’s an easy task to announce your next move but what happens when you’re required to work out some suggestions? Phyllis cannot be able to bounce ideas around with Michael (Christian Le Blanc) or Lauren (Tracey Bregman) her next blunder she’s planning to make since they’re both close friends with Christine.

Who better to reappear on this canvas then Joani (played by Marita DeLeon) to play her part as Phyllis’s best friend? Joani played the role in the mid-1990s, and stayed for a while serving as the nanny of Daniel. Someone had to look after Daniel’s little boy as his mom went off to Nevis to show new brides Christine as well as Paul (Doug the Davidson) the worst time during their honeymoon.

Sure, Daniel (Michael Graziadei) is no longer a needy babysitter. In fact, the daughter of Daniel Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) has grown up and no longer needing someone to watch for her. It would be wonderful to have Daniel as well as Joani reconnect? A mature man may have an inkling of appreciation at the way she took great care of him during the beginning that he lived. Perhaps they’ve kept in touch throughout the years?

Joani’s most effective job, however, would include listening Phyllis as she expressed her thoughts and thought about what she might do in the future. It is likely that her next move doesn’t be renting a vehicle! Joani always did a fantastic job at listening to what Phyllis was saying. Joani did not always believe Phyllis played with all the decks, but she never get her boss off the hook. There are a lot of options to get Joani into the drawing board. It will be interesting to see whether Y&R will add De Leon to the list of previous performers who’ve made a bigger impact on Genoa City.

After completing her job as Daniel’s caretaker De Leon has continued to play the role as a character, appearing in such films and television shows such as L.A. Doctors, Strong Medicine, CSI: Miami as well as The Curse.

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