The Young and the Restless Commentary January 21, 2024


The Truth Behind Diane Abbott’s Co-CEO Promotion on Y&R

Kyle and Jack believe it was all the Y&R idea.

Diane Abbott has spent weeks planning to place her son Kyle Kyle, on The Jabot throne…er…The Young and the Restless co-CEO role. Just as the mommy’s ideas were coming to realization, Kyle threw her a surprise. He’s not interested in the job anymore. He knows the ideal person to succeed him. Diane! Diane! Jack came back just a couple of minutes later He confessed to thinking of the similar thought. Diane was stunned — shocked, we’ll say! Could this be part of bigger strategy?

The Young and the Restless Commentary January 21, 2024
Diane was very crafty on Y&R.

Setting the Stage

One of the reasons Kyle (Michael Mealor) stated that Diane (Susan Walters) is the perfect candidate for the position of co-CEO is that she has already backed up Jack’s (Peter Bergman) plans. If Diane is there only to certify Jack’s decisions what’s the purpose of having co-CEOs?

Isn’t that the reason you ask someone else to join your ranks in order to offer an alternative perspective and perhaps, prevent you from making one or two mistakes? If she’s an “yes” man for Jack Well, this is a task anyone can accomplish. Harrison (Kellen Enriquez) is incredibly adept at nagging. Hire him!

Long Con

Since Diane was back in Genoa City, viewers have been asking what her plan of action was. Insuring Kyle wasn’t the Jabot Heir? Sure. How do you get Jack to become enthralled with and eventually get married to her? Why wouldn’t you? Really, is this really the case? It’s a pretty low-hanging fruit. Diane was able to doaccomplish all of that without even a smidgen of sweat. There must surely some more behind this plot?

Center of Power

Could the whole thing could be just laying the foundation to get the thing Diane really wanted to do — take control of Jabot? She acted as if she was in it for Kyle. She pretended that love for Jack was the top of her desire. It was just the first step. This is the Diane we’ve come to know and hate to hate. That’s the Diane we’d like to see.

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