The Young and the Restless News December 28, 2023


Behind the Scenes with Brad Sanders: A Glimpse into CBS Soaps’ Heyday

In a recent Young and the Restless (Y&R) episode, seasoned fans were treated to the familiar face of Brad Sanders, reprising his role as TV newsmagazine reporter Clarence. Sanders, who played a pivotal role in the soap’s intriguing plot twist involving Tucker McCall’s musician and a scandalous sex revelation, took a stroll down memory lane, revisiting the golden era of CBS Daytime.

The Young and the Restless News December 28, 2023
Brad Sanders.

Sanders shared his excitement about the clever and exciting reintroduction of Clarence, drawing parallels to the past when he was the go-to voice and face of CBS Daytime. As the network’s ambassador during the heyday of four iconic soaps, Sanders reminisced about his involvement in campaigns like “Who Gets the Gold?” at the Daytime Emmys and the 1990 “CBS Soap Central” on-air campaign.

Collaborating with creative minds such as Susan Banks, Stacey Singleton, Judy Huern, and Paula Cwikly, Sanders reflected on the enthusiasm and brilliance that went into promoting CBS Daytime. He shared anecdotes from his experiences, including the mysterious lady scenario and the ominous voiceover for the Jill/John/Mamie storyline in the mid-1990s, a dynamic that continues to captivate Y&R audiences today.

Sanders also revisited his previous stint on Y&R as a DJ for the recreated prom scene in the early 2000s and expressed his admiration for the evolving storylines, particularly the one involving Aunt Jordan and her vendetta against the Newman clan. With a nod to the soap opera’s rich history, Sanders humorously commented on Claire’s return, drawing a witty comparison to a character from his past on All My Children.

As Sanders continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, including his recent remote shoot for Y&R, his journey from Clarence to CBS Daytime glory remains a fascinating chapter in the soap opera’s storied history.


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