The Young and the Restless News February 2, 2024


What happened when Victor and Jack got caught up on Y&R’s Family Tree

They Y&R tracks have intersected numerous ways, but not in this manner.

The Young and the Restless News February 2, 2024
They’re a little off with this Y&R thinking.

The show The Young and the Restless the Newman along with Abbott families on the show. The Newman and Abbott Families have been linked for a long time. Jack was the stepfather of Victoria as well as Nicholas. Victor had a wedding with Ashley, and they have one daughter. Nikki as well as Jack lost their sons, while Colleen’s pulse beats Victor’s chest. We do are aware the fact that Kyle and Summer were recently married. But that doesn’t mean Jack as well as Victor the people they believe they are.

That’s My Boy

Jack (Peter Bergman) said he along with Victor (Eric Braeden) had a grandson together and even showed an image of his smartphone. We believe he was referring to Harrison (Kellen Enriquez). However, it took us a while to understand the meaning. Harrison is Jack’s grandchild due to being Kyle’s (Michael Mealor) son. In addition, Harrison has also called Summer (Allison Lanier) Mommy on occasions.

Summer is the granddaughter of Victor. However, even the case that Harrison was Summer’s son He’d be Victor’s great-grandson but rather than his son. Do you think the Mustache not find it annoying to be constantly reminded of how old than Jack is (especially during a moment a couple of years ago where Jack was worried that Victor could have been his dad)? Particularly when it comes down to appealing to young Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott).

Signed, sealed and delivered

But the biggest issue is that…Summer is not Harrison’s mom. It’s even not his stepmother at least not anymore. Summer and Kyle might have wanted the idea of pretending that Tara (Elizabeth Leiner) did not exist. They could have referred to themselves as Mommy or Daddy and demanded that Harrison follow suit.

But Tara does exist. She’s actually in prison. (She’s been in prison longer currently for a white-collar criminal as Victor or Phyllis have been on their feloniesall in all.) But being in prison doesn’t terminate your parental rights. Tara is Harrison’s mother; Summer is no longer his stepmother and Victor wasn’t his grandfather at all. Thank you for joining us at this Ted Talk.


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