The Young and the Restless News February 20, 2024


Corbin Bernsen, alum of Y&R, says his mother, Jeanne Cooper is still with us.

We will never forget the actress who played Katherine Chancellor.

The Young and the Restless News February 20, 2024
Corbin Bernsen talks about his mom, Jeanne Cooper.

Corbin Bernsen may be known as Father Todd to fans of The Young and the Restless and as Arnie Becker to viewers of nighttime television, but he will always be the “son” (or daughter) of Mrs. His real-life mother Jeanne Cooper played the role of Chancellor. Recently, the actor spoke with SoapsSpoiler.Com about his mother and how he still feels like she’s with us.

Corbin Bernsen – Family of Legends

Bernsen told SoapsSpoiler.Com that he was recently out, and an actor called him a “legend” on the red carpet at the recording of the 31st Annual Movieguide Awards. The ex-TV attorney said it was nice to be called a legend, but he did not let it make him feel better. “I realized that none has taken me so far out of my stratosphere that I would lose sight of my family, my wife [Amanda Pays from The Flash], or my children.

Bernsen claims to have seen the portrait of Mrs. Chancellor hanging over Katherine’s fireplace on Y&R. What would Cooper, who passed away in 2013, think about Cooper still being part of the show? He says, “She would love it.” “She’d love it.” She would probably ask …’Are you paying me?

Jeanne Cooper loved her life as Mrs. C

According to the actor, his mother was touched by being awarded a Star in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame and loved and admired millions of times. He says, “That filled her up.” “I think there was a void in her.”

Bernsen is grateful for his “wonderful” wife of 35 years, pointing out that “we all know that my mother didn’t have this.” My father wasn’t there. She lived her life [playing Katherine Chancellor]. When I went out with her, I would get told, “You’re Mrs. Chancellor’s son!” Not Arnie Becker.

Corbin Bernsen – Cooper isn’t far from here.

Movieguide Awards include films that are based on faith. Does this give Bernsen a reason to consider his mother’s afterlife? He says with a little tear in his eye, “I always connect with my mother.” She’s here. She’s here. She’s with you. Bernsen believes in an afterlife. “I’m not sure about that.” “I don’t place much value …. I do not have to call heaven.”

The 31st Annual Movieguide Awards will air on Great American Family on Thursday, 7th March at 8pm.


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