The Young and the Restless News February 7, 2024


Here’s Where You Can See Y&R Alum Eva Longoria’s New Series

The former housewife who was desperate is launching a new interesting character later in the year.

The Young and the Restless News February 7, 2024
Eva Longoria.

After quitting her role on the show as Isabella from The Young and the Restless, Eva Longoria moved on to play the spirited Gaby in Desperate Housewives. The actress has now taken on an entirely new role — Gala — on the newly created Apple TV show. SoapsSpoiler.Com was on the scene as Longoria provided insight for Land of Women the show, for which she is also the executive producer of.

From Wisteria Lane to Land of Women

Land of Women tells the tale of Gala who is a New Yorker, who is struggling with the loss of her nest. Her life gets thrown into chaos after her husband is implicated by her family’s finances in shady dealings. Gala and her mother and her daughter leave to the northern part of Spain. But how long will their secrets remain secure?

The scene is dramatic; however, the story and tone allow Longoria to explore both her dramatic and comedic aspects. “To me it’s a dramedy,” the actress says. “This can be described as a mixture, and I am a fan of that genre. When Desperate Housewives was released, it was a time when people didn’t know which category to put us into for awards shows.

“If you take a look at Flamin’ Hot [which Longoria directed], it’s also a dramedy,” she says. “That’s my style. If you’re dealing with drama, you can also have comedy, because there’s a lot of amusement in the real world. It’s funny because it’s real however, sometimes it can be painful.”

Longoria states the differences are greater than commonalities in Gala as well as Gaby. “[They are] distinctly distinct,” she says. “Gala is struggling with her identity at the start of the series. Everything she has known about her is an untruth, and she must flee in a flash to a place she’s not really familiar with as well as a language she isn’t able to communicate with her mother, who could be suffering from Alzheimer’s. Her daughter is going through a rebellious stage, and she’s unable to locate her spouse.”

Gala tends to be a problem-solver and although Gaby definitely tried to avoid numerous squabbles, Longoria says there are in the end more differences than similarities in the lives of both women. “Gaby said”All things will work out because I have a guy in my life and I have a man in my life,'” the actress tells. She believes that Gala is on a path that she’s trying to figure out her future and won’t be saved by men.

“That’s not the answer to her issues,” Longoria adds. “With Gaby, that was always the answer to her issues. It was like, “Well simply find another man!”

Land of Women was created by Ramon Campos (Grand Hotel) in the spirit of award-winning writer Sandra Barneda’s bestseller novel. is scheduled to premiere during the summer months through Apple TV.


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