The Young and the Restless News January 11, 2024


A Candid Conversation with Brian Gaskill: Unveiling Ties with Y&R’s Peter Bergman

In the captivating world of soap operas, connections often run deeper than on-screen relationships. Brian Gaskill, the accomplished actor gracing The Young and the Restless (Y&R) as Seth, Nikki’s AA sponsor, recently opened up about an unexpected link with Y&R veteran Peter Bergman. In an exclusive interview with SoapsSpoiler.Com, Gaskill shared insights into this unique father-and-son dynamic, shedding light on their off-screen connection that transcends the absence of shared scenes.

The Young and the Restless News January 11, 2024
Brian Gaskill and Peter Bergman share an interesting soap connection.

Gaskill’s journey in the soap opera realm began in 1995 when he portrayed the character of Bobby Warner, the teenage son of Dr. Cliff Warner, on All My Children. Interestingly, Peter Bergman, playing the role of Jack Abbott on Y&R, was cast as Bobby’s father. Despite the physical distance of 3,000 miles between the soap sets, Gaskill decided to pay a surprise visit to Bergman on the Y&R set after joining the cast.

On his initial encounter with Bergman, Gaskill reminisces, “First day, I took a risk and went over to the set he was working in to say hi.” Although they never shared scenes on All My Children, Bergman recognized Gaskill immediately. The warmth of the reunion was palpable, with a big smile and a hearty hug from Bergman, who was genuinely excited about Gaskill joining the Y&R family.

Gaskill acknowledges the passage of time, noting the transformation from the blond-haired Bobby to a man in his 50s with more gray than blond. Despite the changes, Bergman’s recognition was instant, reflecting the enduring camaraderie built over the years. Gaskill describes Bergman as a “ball of energy, so positive, so welcoming,” emphasizing the actor’s amiable nature.

As Gaskill immerses himself in the role of Seth, Nikki’s supportive sponsor, he anticipates a journey filled with surprises and complexities. Reflecting on his past soap opera experiences, particularly in Port Charles, Gaskill recalls the unexpected twists in character development. He shares, “I can’t promise to say I know everything about this guy yet, but I bring myself to him. He has a desire to be a good person.”

In the unpredictable world of Genoa City, where characters grapple with their humanity and imperfections, Gaskill envisions Seth as a multi-dimensional figure. With Nikki leaning on her sponsor, Seth’s own struggles and challenges may come to the forefront, adding layers to his character. Gaskill sums it up, saying, “We’re all very human and damaged. Seth’s not perfect or ‘Mr. Goody Two-Shoes.’ My goal is to keep Seth human and complicated.”


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