The Young and the Restless News January 24, 2024


Y&R’s Jess Walton Asks Viewers for Help Identifying Herself

The actress who portrays Jill Abbott needs your help.

If you’re in a profession such as The Young and the Restless star Jess Walton, it could be difficult to pinpoint every appearance. The actress who plays Jill Abbott, on the CBS daytime drama has recently gone through the same thing and requested a bit of assistance from her fans.

The Young and the Restless News January 24, 2024
Jess Walton.

ID Jess Walton

Walton posted on Instagram posting a picture of her teen self in a costume as a cop from a show probably in the 1970s. You can look at below. She wrote “I don’t know what the show this picture was taken from! Does anyone have any idea?”

Former Y&R actor, Doug Davidson (Paul) came in with an excellent suggestion. “Check your IMDb.” He then added an idea. “Police Story? A guess.”

Diana Barton (ex-Mary Jo Mason, Y&R) replied, “Wow. I really miss my Big sis.”

Others offered suggestions ranging between S.W.A.T., Toma, The Hunted Lady, and Barnaby Jones. Walton was featured in several episodes of these shows through the 1970s.

Many viewers offered suggestions. “The Hunted Lady, and Quinn Redeker [ex-Rex, Y&R] was on the show also! Donna Mills (ex-Madeline, General Hospital Here’s her account of her experience in the soap) played the lead role,” suggested one helpful fan. Another fan let Walton inform her that General Hospital was available on YouTube in case she wanted to find it.

The actress recently shared a flashback of her own, which you can view below. In addition to the photos taken from the feature, she also wrote, “Flashback to ’73! I stumbled across these photos from my experience on screen in You’ll Never See Me Again the television show where I played the mysteriously absent wife and every hint pointed to my screen husband. The good news is that I’m still alive!

Are you able to offer any ideas about the show Walton was part of while she was dressed as the policewoman? If yes, make sure to post your thoughts in the comments below. If not, let us know your favorite memories about her from Y&R.


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