The Young and The Restless News January 27, 2024


The Y&R’s Paxton Mishkind recalled Amelia Heinle’s Story of “It Happens to Everyone”

A new performer was told by a few veterans that he shouldn’t be anxious.

Paxton Mishkind plays Johnny Abbott on The Young and the Restless since September 2022. He recently spoke about why he thinks he was lucky in the case of his parents who are on television.

The Young and The Restless News January 27, 2024
Paxton Mishkind.

Paxton Mishkind: The Realities of the Show Business

“I cannot even express how blessed I am to to be able to work alongside both Amelia [Heinle] Victoria and Jason Thompson BillyThompson, Billy” Mishkind said in an interview with Star Kidz Site. The young actor discovered how amazing the actors who play his dad and mom are following an incident that Heinle said to him that every person, at some point or another is likely to experience.

“I actually ended having a positive test for covid during the filming of my second show,” Mishkind recalls, “and I was in my dressing room, feeling extremely disappointed and Amelia and Jason put their masks on and popped their heads together, and told me that this had happened to everybody on the show and that I should not be concerned.

“That is a testament to how generous and supportive they are.” Miskind says. “Amelia is hilarious who always make me smile when blocking. Jason is an absolute pro in making sure that we have the entire scene down. He also plays lines together to ensure that we are in sync. They’re the absolute best.”

Johnny’s biological mother, Chelsea, is played by Melissa Claire Egan. Mishkind is thrilled to play scenes with her. “My most memorable episode was the one in which Johnny is confronted by Chelsea…in the park, because it was a great challenge to display all the emotion,” the actor says. “And Missy is INCREDIBLE to collaborate with.”

Another top choice is a scene where Johnny, Connor (Judah Mackey) and Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) are sitting at the table to eat due to the fact that Miskind claims, “Who would not want to enjoy eating food like burgers, tins of potatoes, and onion rings while on the set!”


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