The Young and the Restless News January 31, 2024


Then it’s Ashley Abbott Said, Tucker Said Who is Correct on Y&R?

The show has put this on the air…for the moment.

Ashley is determined to prove she can remember that breakup Tucker right in The Young and the Restless Ashley is off on a trip to Paris for the purpose of proving itLittle sis Traci at her side. Jack -and we aren’t sure if this is crucial in the moment however, we’re ready to join in. Who is truthful in this particular instance of what his/her words?

The Young and the Restless News January 31, 2024
Whose version is right?


Tucker (Trevor St. John) is never so quiet. Sometimes, it’s hard to determine if he’s awake and paying attention. He’s never annoyed about…anything. So, why would he had a problem over Ashley (Eileen the Davidson)? We’re not convinced Ashley ever loved him and he certainly wouldn’t get angry whenever she didn’t share the way he felt in a way that he considered acceptable. We don’t hear this story that involves Tucker tossing a chair or breaking the glass. We can see him more…nodding off in front of the table.

Always Believe Women

Ashley was once was married with Victor (Eric Braeden). She’s experienced the feeling of being and yelled at. If Ashley believed that Tucker was raunchier and pissier than Victor and he was, then he was certainly aggressive and pious, indeed. She tolerated Victor’s bellowing, without even blinking an eye. Tucker must seriously be a jerk to even pay attention. Why would she even make that up?

“The Truth in the Middle

We’ve all heard the phrase”There’s your side, your side, and my side…and what’s truth. Traci (Beth Maitland) stated the same to Ashley. We’re expecting the truth to be somewhere in between the two versions of Ashley and Tucker’s story. Perhaps he raised his voice and knocked over the glass. However, he did it accidentally, not intentionally and not in anger at Ashley. Maybe Ashley was trying to provoke him, and he offered what the opportunity he received. What we require now is an employee with memories similar to the steel trap. Also, the ability to speak English.


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