The Young and the Restless News January 9, 2024


Lauralee Bell Discusses Paul being added the Christine, Danny, and Phyllis Drama

Lauralee Bell speculates on Paul being brought back into Christine’s world.

The Young and the Restless News January 9, 2024
Paul Williams would turn the Christine/Danny/Phyllis triangle into a quadrangle.

The storyline clock has been rewinded in the late 1990s for Young and the Restless. Lauralee Bell, who plays Christine (AKA Cricket) is back in a triangle along with her ex-Danny Romelotti and his ex-wife Phyllis Summers. SoapsSpoiler.Com recently caught up with Bell on a red carpet and spoke with her about the possibilities to transform this triangle into a familiar quadrangle.

Lauralee Bell Paul Williams: Paul Williams Factor

“It’s incredible when we go back and look at old episodes,” Bell says of the Christine/Danny/Phyllis dynamic that’s playing out today. It all started back in 1994, when Danny wrote his wife Christine an urgent letter informing her that their marriage had ended! Danny (Michael Damian) was a resident of New York City while performing in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat when the groupie Phyllis attracted him and he was pregnant with his son (or according to what Danny was told! ).

In the following years it was revealed that and it was revealed that Phyllis had been lying about having a relationship in bed with Danny, Daniel (Michael Graziadei) isn’t his son and Danny was never unfaithful to Christine. It was to be too late to have a reunion between Christine and Danny since she was done to her new life and got married Paul Williams (Doug Davidson).

“There’s this line of through which ties the two with each other.” Bell says. “That was us at the time. Just like life…turns and twists take place. Things you didn’t expect. Danny and Christinefind one another at crucial moments throughout our life.”

Phyllis is, however, determined for her to hold Danny and Christine from getting too close since they’ve become closer. If her current strategy for him isn’t working, Phyllis might take another avenue and contact Paul. If she can convince Paul into Genoa City from his overseas place of residence, it’s possible that Paul and Chris might be reunited. “Would Paul take the phone call?” Bell rhetorically asks. “I I would like to think that’s the case!”

Paul didn’t think he would see that he would return in the near time. But, now the stage is established for Paul to return and be a major player in the ongoing story. Fans not only are eager to see him at Genoa City but it’s very likely that Phyllis also wants him back! Although the troublemaker with red hair is likely to initiate contact with Paul but it would make sense that a live phone call would be initiated via Bell towards her previous lead man. “Trust me I’m trying to help,” Bell says with a smile.

There’s lots of tension in the group as demonstrated by Christine stopping by to visit her ex-boyfriend at Christmastime, presenting him with a present. Danny’s kindness towards Phyllis raises the questionwhat’s the reason? In the end, she scheming and betrayal to him for years to sabotage his life. What is it that makes Danny so sweet to her?

“No no matter the age of your child or if he’s a parent or not. Regardless, it’s your responsibility to have the child, and Danny did (and still does) all he can to create an environment that is a family unit,” Bell offers. “I believe that Daniel and Lucy who are performed by Lily Brooks O’Briant] have a major attraction. Also, Phyllis performs her most impressive performance around the characters.”


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