The Young and the Restless News March 1, 2024


The Son Chelsea, Adam, & Billy Should Really Worry About on Young and the Restless

Johnny is set to receive another surprise brother.

The Young and the Restless News March 1, 2024
Is Connor or Johnny the son who needs the most support on Y&R?

On February 29, twenty-fourth episode on The Young and the Restless Chelsea, Billy, and Adam battled on Connor Newman. They’re sure to be concerned about the teen who is just a few years old. But it’s possible they’re worried about the incorrect Newman grandchild.

I Will Remember You

At first, Connor (Judah Mackey) was unhappy because his father was having a baby. After that, he was upset because the baby died, and that Connor wasn’t the primary figure in that tragic event. He was also unhappy because his mother was struggling with difficulties of her own, so Connor wanted to be taken to a school that would concentrate only on his needs. Connor did what he wanted naturally. However, he soon discovered some things he was unhappy about that’s why Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Adam (Mark Grossman) are heading to the rescue. Billy (Jason Thompson) is on the way as well. Since, surely, it’s not a coincidence. It’s not as if Billy has one of his own that might be suffering from issues.

Do you remember Johnny (Paxton Mishkind)? The boy who, just a few years ago was stunned by the revelation that his biological mom was “cousin” Connor’s mom, Chelsea? When Connor had to complain about his mom’s apparent inability to love her as much as she is in love with Johnny (because she did give the boy away Johnny and kept him surely, that makes total sense for you, child), Johnny had barely expressed an interest in getting get to know Chelsea better prior to dropping the news that she had tried to commit suicide.

Sure, but she informed Johnny that he didn’t have to blame himself for his actions. He was entitled to think the way he did, and Johnny shouldn’t in any way consider that his rejection of her was what sent Chelsea to the brink of despair. Chelsea will never wish to put this burden on their son and make him believe that his happiness was her obligation. What is the point at which Johnny ever come across this idea?

Even Now

We were unable to watch Johnny face the dilemma of his mother’s new sister, as returned to a boarding school. We’re hoping he’s managed to process his grief. Since we’re about to see another. Johnny isn’t the only one with one new brother — He has a new sister as well in the form of Claire (Hayley Erin).

Perhaps Billy could allow Adam to manage his son, and Billy remains within Genoa City and helps Victoria (Amelia Heinle) complete Johnny in on Claire (read the reason why Adam doesn’t like Claire). Although, to be fair to Billy we don’t believe Victoria has spoken to him yet also. We’re just hoping that, when Billy finds out, the first thought of Billy will not be “Oh, noes, how will Connor handle having a new cousin?” and Billy will remember that Johnny should be his first priority.


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