The Young and the Restless Recaps January 12, 2024


Claire Faces Her Tormentor but Jordan Hints at More Terror to Come

Jordan will seek revenge against Y&R.

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday 12 January 2024, has Claire telling Jordan they’re done; however, Jordan attempts to get the final word.

The Young and the Restless Recaps January 12, 2024
Claire Grace finally stood up to Jordan.

Young and Restless Recap Highlights

Also, in this episode Seth also helped Nikki to get over her hangover. Victor told her Cole and Victoria took action on Claire’s plans. Audra was unable to provide much information to share with Ashley to Tucker. Tucker was trying to persuade Ashley she was right regarding their disagreement. Let’s dive deeper into what transpired.

Confronting Demons

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Cole (J. Eddie Peck) concerned about Cole (J. Eddie Peck) after Claire (Hayley Erin) was ill physically prior to the meeting she had with Jordan (Colleen Zenk). After Claire came back, Victoria told Claire she did not have to confront Jordan however Claire insists she must for the sake of regaining her power. Victoria and Cole said they would be waiting in the hall.

Jordan came in and she attempted to make contact with Claire. But Claire did not believe in her aunt’s lies. Jordan attempted to persuade Claire she had recollected things incorrectly; However, Claire was aware of the truth, and she was not shy to tell it plainly in front of her aunt’s face.

“You you are the creature that is a constant nightmare for me,” Claire said. Jordan claimed she loved Claire, but Claire expressed her gratitude to Jordan she didn’t have a clue the meaning of love. Jordan declared that she wanted Jordan to spend the rest of her and painful prison sentence with all her hopes shattered.

Claire claimed she was done with Jordan However, Jordan said they were not. Claire declared that she had plans and Jordan claimed Claire was on the wrong path. All in all, Jordan was free to plot her revenge.

Claire was able to get the guard to remove her great-uncle from the room. Victoria along with Cole returned. They went home all together in Genoa City.


Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) was awakened to find a surprise. She discovered that her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor Seth (Brian Gaskill) was present in the room with her. He informed Nikki be aware that Lauren was in her room until the dawn and asked for him to assume the role. (Lauren was unable to keep Nikki’s secrets.)

A little hungover, Nikki was embarrassed by her actions the previous day and was astonished by the fact that Seth remembered her tea of choice. Seth tried to help her get back on track with his assistance and, when he returned the door of Nikki, He thought that it was the room service.

Then, Victor (Eric Braeden) was present when he came in and sat down, much to the chagrin of Nikki. Seth left after a short time, and Victor was the one to take Nikki back to her house after he reassured her that they’d get through this rough patch together. On The ranch Victor told his wife Cole and Victoria took Claire to fight Jordan. He also mentioned that he felt Nikki required someone other than Seth as her A.A. sponsor.


Ashley (Eileen Ashley Davidson) as well as Audra (Zuleyka Silver) talked at Society. Audra stated that she had no additional information about Tucker (Trevor Saint. John) and Ashley moved between them for a while. After a few minutes, Audra left after noting that she wanted to be sure that Tucker has a possibility of meeting up with Ashley.

In a state of anger, Ashley went to Tucker. He claimed that his account of what transpired in Paris on their honeymoon was accurate. He was certainly upset, and he may have even slammed into the chair however it was not violent. Ashley claimed she was skeptical of the man and Tucker informed her she must be skeptical or else she wouldn’t have even spoken to him. They had been in public space, and no one called the police or even an employee. Tucker went away while Ashley appeared to be in pain.

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