The Young and The Restless Spoilers February 22, 2024


What is Victor’s risky new Strategy for Michael? Y&R Spoilers Resolve Trouble

Who will win as well as who is the loser of Genoa City?

The young and the Restless spoilers from Friday February 23, promise Victor taking over his dirty job, whereas Victoria is worried about her father who does not care whom he hurts in order to achieve his goals including his own granddaughter.

The Young and The Restless Spoilers February 22, 2024
What will Michael think about it?

Fetch and Carry

If Victor thinks he’s going receive a rousing praise for what he does, he carries out the actions himself, so that everyone will be able to tell him how great that he is. When Victor thinks that the action might not be a success then he is forced to perform the action.

So Victor is protected by a fall guy in the event of anything going wrong. The flunky will usually be Michael (Christian Le Blanc). He will do whatever Victor wants from him. Even when he is convinced that it’s not the best idea. Even when he is convinced that it could backfire. We’re not sure what the reason. We don’t believe Michael is aware of this at the moment neither do we.

My Girl

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) is already suspicious that Victor does not have Claire’s (Hayley Erin) her best interests in mind. Victor does not see Victoria’s long-lost daughter as a way of getting her aunt out of the way Jordan (Colleen Zenk). And this is what worries Victoria.

Not only because she is aware of the things Victor is capable of however, but she is also concerned that Claire following Victor’s scheme could affect the recovery of her daughter. Victor isn’t concerned about whether Claire is the one to pay for Victor having his way. Victoria is the only one who truly cares Claire is able to return to a normal life.

I’m thinking I’d better think It Over Once More

For the past few weeks, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) has been telling anyone who’s heard her — and plenty who don’t really want to, but were made to listen and that she’s correct in her account about Tucker’s (Trevor St. John) violent outburst in Paris. However, it appears that Ashley had a change of decision. Are they sincere? Or is she just faking it in a bigger scheme?


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