The Young and The Restless Spoilers January 11, 2024


Exhausted Ashley Contacts Audra for a long-overdue chat

Do they have any discussions other than Tucker about Y&R?

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday December 12, 2024, focus on Ashley taking a stand and confronting Audra regarding Tucker…and everything else she has learned about her.

The Young and The Restless Spoilers January 11, 2024
Ashley has questions for Audra Charles.

Young and The Restless Spoilers Highlights

Ashley (Eileen the Davidson) appears to be teetering lately. She’s been getting Tucker (Trevor St. John) saying she isn’t able to remember their breakup in the right way. Then there’s Jack (Peter Bergman) telling her that she’s not handling the man professionally. There’s Kyle (Michael Mealor) screaming and acting as if is a big guy and especially so far as Audra (Zuleyka Silver) is concerned.

It’s the right time for Ashley to take the proverbial bull by the proffered horns and figure it to figure things. When Jack as well as Kyle have a strategy while Tucker has been playing games with Tucker, then she may be tempted to visit Audra. The younger woman may be an expert at defending her up against the men from Genoa City. However, Ashley is an entirely different ballgame. She is not a game to be played. And its high time Audra knew the truth about that.

Talk to Me

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Cole (J. Eddie Peck) have promised to stand by Claire (Hayley Erin) when she confronted Jordan (Colleen Zenk). So long as they were able to be with her. Claire was not thrilled. Well, children tend to be unhappy with the decisions of their parents.

Claire will soon fulfill her dream of seeing Jordan. Let’s see if the aunt can help her get out of this. Or will she take advantage of the chance to fill Claire’s mind with new conspiracy theories?

Mine Mine Mine, Mine

When Victoria and Cole try to guard Claire, Victor (Eric Braeden) does the same thing for Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). Nikki isn’t pleased. It’s true that wives are usually not enthused by the decisions of their husbands. The major distinction lies in the fact that Claire is mentally ill and young. Nikki as well as Victor were supposed to become friends. As he presses her, the more she’ll back off. Did this ever work out well?

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